Frequently Asked Questions

How long does deputation take

Deputation is when you visit churches and share your call to the ministry and burden for church planting in general.  Through sharing this burden, the missionary is looking for the following responses:

  • Spiritual growth in the hearers.
  • Prayer support for the missionary’s ministry.
  • Financial support from the church body.
  • Building friends with the potential of inviting them to visit the field.
  • Partners in the church planting ministry.

Generally, missionaries gaining support for ministry in the USA find that it takes about three years to gain full support.  Those with credibility from previous ministries will find it takes less time.

Can I work part-time to help with my support needs?

Part of BCP culture is to work with each missionary individually regarding their support needs and the means to gain the needed funds.  Some missionaries do well working part-time employment.  Some wives of missionaries work to help support the family.  Although we do not encourage outside employment, we will allow for it if the need exists.  The problem with outside employment is that when the church grows larger, the demands grow larger, and employment becomes a burden. 

How long does it normally take to plant a church?

This varies, but the average is about ten years.  It depends on the community, the size of the team, the key people God brings to the church plant and the indebtedness from the building program.

What does ‘graduation’ mean?

A church plant is ready to ‘graduate’ (leave mission status) when the following are in place:

  • All legal documents are in place- constitution, by-laws, etc.
  • Sufficient numerical growth, reproducing disciples intentionally in a multiplication way.
  • Deacons have been trained and elected.
  • A regular meeting place is established.  This may be a rental, but it is secure and usable for multiple events.
  • Sufficient financial stability and able to call and support a pastor.

Can a person serve with BCP that is not a citizen of the USA?

Yes, the constitution allows for a non-citizen to serve with BCP, but he or she must have legal documentation and satisfy  the US government requirements to be in the country.  BCP does not sponsor non-citizens.

Are gifts to BCP tax deductible?
Baptist Church Planters is an “Exempt Organization” described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Baptist Church Planters are qualified for Federal Income Tax deduction as allowed by law. In order for your gift to be deductible, no goods or services can be provided in exchange for your gift, other than intangible religious benefits. To be consistent with legal standards, discretion in the use and disposition of all gifts is under the control of Baptist Church Planters.

How do I make a contribution to BCP?
Gifts can made by cash, check, or money order and mailed to 36830 Royalton Road, Grafton, Oh 44044. Donations may also be made online to either the mission or to specific missionaries or projects.  Please visit our Giving page where you will find list of missionaries and other opportunities to share your resources with BCP.  Donations can also be deducted automatically from your checking or savings account through our Automatic Support Plan.  Please contact the office by calling 440.748.1677 for more information.

If you are sending your donation by mail, please provide:
Your Full Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number and Email Address
The missionary’s name or project and purpose of the donation

If you are a regular supporter to BCP, please provide:
The bottom portion of your last receipt – or include the items listed for first-time givers.
Clearly mark any changes from your last gift.

How does BCP receipt my gift?
The Finance Department mails a receipt to each donor for each gift.  We consider you ministry partners and recognize our accountability to God and to you for our stewardship of your investment in this work.  Emailing receipts to donors is not yet an option but will soon be.

We honor designations of our ministry partners consistent with BCP policy and revenue law carefully accounting for all donations from the time of receipt until used.
We also maintain the confidentiality of all donor records, including the identity of our partners.

How do I give if I have misplaced my receipt?
Send your check and a short note, indicating that you have misplaced your receipt. Please include your name, address, and the missionary or project you desire to support.

How do I request a duplicate receipt?
Call, write, or email BCP and our Finance Department will assist you in obtaining the correct information and a duplicate receipt.

How do I give a non-cash gift?
Non-cash gifts are acknowledged through a gift-in-kind letter. BCP cannot state a value for such gifts, but we do help you meet IRS regulations to substantiate your deduction. Contact the Finance Department by phone or email us at if you are interested in donating an auto or other property.

How can I know that my gift will be directed to the right project or missionary?
To be consistent with legal standards, discretion in the use and disposition of all gifts is under the control of Baptist Church Planters. We do however, honor your designation when you carefully identify the purpose. Your receipt will include the gift amount and project credited.

How can BCP help me in planned giving?
The Finance Department will provide assistance in gift planning by helping you take advantage of the current tax laws to increase the effectiveness of our giving. The Finance Department will help you to set financial planning goals as well as giving goals. BCP will provide assistance in giving through wills, trusts, annuities, and other plans.

How can I leave BCP or missions in my will?
When you have your will prepared, tell the attorney that you would like to give a gift to BCP. You can indicate a percentage of your estate or a specific amount. Specify if you desire the gift to be utilized for a specific project.

What is a gift annuity?
You make a gift of cash, property, or stock to a qualified charitable organization and in turn, the charitable organization provides you with a guaranteed income for life. An annuity can help to supplement your retirement income. You can receive an immediate charitable income tax reduction, save on future taxes, avoid some capital gains taxes, and avoid probate cost and estate taxes.

How do I give securities?
A gift of securities is actually a non-cash gift. When appreciated (current market value exceeds your cost) they should be transferred to BCP and sold by us. This permits you to receive a tax deduction for the full value without being taxed on any of the gain. Your transfer can be made by sending the certificates and a signed stock power under separate cover, or you can have your securities transferred from your brokerage account to BCP’s account. Securities, which have declined in value since your purchase should be sold and the proceeds sent, so you can take the loss as a tax deduction. For more information contact us at: phone: 440-748-1677 or email

How do I participate in the Automatic Support Plan?
BCP’s Automatic Support Plan makes it possible to have your monthly support automatically withdrawn from your savings or checking account. For more information contact us at phone: 440-748-1677 or email