Ministry Opportunities
For: Dr. David Little
Position: Special Assignment with BCP
Home church: First Baptist Elyria, Ohio 

You may have read that Baptist Church Planters is in the process of selecting their next President.  I informed the mission that it was time for me to step down and allow a new servant to come and be the next President.  I will remain the President until the Council selects the new man.  At that time, I will move to Special Assignment and will serve local churches throughout the United States in the following ways: 

  1. Pulpit Ministry- I desire to continue to preach, especially in the following venues:
    1. Regular pulpit ministry.
    2. Speaking for outreach ministries.  I love to hunt and speak at Sportsmen’s Events as a means of touching the lives of those who have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    3. Revival Meetings.  I encourage churches to consider four days of revival.  I would suggest starting on Sunday and going through Wednesday night.  If need be, make a contract with the people the previous year as you lay out the pastoral pulpit plans for the coming year, and ask them to commit to two extra nights.  There is something about gathering nightly to hear the Word of God.  The main emphasis will be on looking into our hearts to examine whether we are pure before God and usable for His service.  Most churches are in need of a spiritual revival which results in a great passion for the Lord’s work.
    4. Marriage Seminars.  My wife and I have conducted marriage seminars, sharing our own testimonies and sharing principles for healthy marriages without making it so out of touch with reality that it is only a fantasy.  We open our hearts and speak honestly.
    5. Deacons’ Seminars.  I have written a manual on serving as a deacon, and I am willing to teach men who are deacons or who might become deacons what is required biblically.  This can be done on either a full Saturday and Sunday or a Sunday thru Wednesday using evenings.
    6. Possible interim service.
  2. Consulting Ministry

Churches face times of conflict and at times crossroads where decisions need to be made.  At other times churches are stagnant, and they wonder why.  What should they do?  What can be done?
The consulting ministry meets this need.  I have a team of experienced pastors and laymen that I can call on to assist in this important and vital ministry. 

    1. We will only work with churches who request our services and who are serious about listening to the advice of the consultants.
    2. We will visit the church for a few days to do the following:
      1. Visit with the leadership, listening to their concerns.
      2. Visit with committees and other groups who meet regularly.
      3. Do spot checks in the community regarding the church.
      4. Most often do a full church survey that will be analyzed.
      5. Review the overall premises and building condition.
      6. Be in attendance for Sunday services.
    3. We will give a written and verbal report to each church.
    4. There will be a fee based on the size of the church.  The fee will be for our services. All expenses incurred (travel, housing, food, etc.) will be covered by the church in excess of the fee.
    5. Follow up visits are possible if requested, but additional charges will be assessed.Each church desiring the consulting ministry should contact me and go over specifics before entering into a contractual agreement. This consulting ministry is to enable churches to make good decisions and advance the work of Christ.  This ministry is to churches that are established but at a crossroads.   Pastors and church leaders are often frustrated with what to do.  If they could call in a team to assess the situation and give godly counsel, it would be beneficial.  Another set of eyes coming from years of experience can be invaluable.

3. Other ministries

    1. I plan to have a website up and running before I finish my tenure as President,  I will be writing articles, keeping a blog and posting interesting articles that will help pastors.
    2. I also plan to encourage churches that have chosen to stay current but remain conservative in their approach to church life and ministry to hold conferences.  I want to encourage and promote younger pastors to attend these conferences.  I am very concerned when I see the younger generation showing disregard or disrespect to the older saints of the church.  I am very excited that God has younger men that are godly, have a servant’s heart and love for God and His people.


Dave Little

 At this point, I am open to begin booking meetings for future ministry.  If you are interested in using the services listed above, please contact me personally at:

Phone: 440-554-5875