What do Day Camp, Senior Saints Camp, JOY Club, Colorado Springs, Victory Baptist Church and Grace Baptist Church have in common?  They are all part of Fran Cupples’ life.  Fran lives in Fullerton, NE, and serves under Baptist Church Planters as an Associate Church Planter at Victory Baptist Church and the church plant in Genoa, NE, Grace Baptist Church. She plans and prepares the services and music, does the PowerPoint, plays the piano (and sings along) and has a great time doing it. At Victory Baptist Fran directs JOY Club and has a great team of teachers to assist.

Another outreach ministry of Victory Baptist Church is Day Camp at Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp. Day Camp is similar to VBS but takes place at camp, goes from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM and is one of the most rewarding yet exhausting weeks possible. Fran does the prep work for Day Camp  through advertising, mailings and posters and helps with registrations, camper moneys and “one never knows.” For some time now Fran has been preparing for August’s Senior Saints Camp at Whispering Cedars.  She has been directing that week of camp for—let’s just say—many years. It is a great week filled with super folks from across the state and sometimes out of state. “One might think that older folks are boring, but they certainly are not!” shares Fran. The camp director says that the Senior Saints skit night is the best out of all the weeks of camp! The campers have become like family, and Fran loves being with them.

How does Colorado Springs fit into the picture, you ask? Fran has a son living in Council Bluffs and a son living in Omaha.  But her daughter lives in Colorado Springs, and Fran drives there a couple times a year. She went in March, drove through a snow storm, got stranded in a small CO town overnight, picked up a man that had just rolled his pickup (had a very short time to witness to him) and arrived safely to tell the story. Then in May Fran traveled again to Colorado Springs to witness her grandson’s graduation and enjoy his reception. In June she drove to Council Bluffs to be there for her granddaughter’s reception. There are perks for grandparents!

One of the best parts of Fran’s life are the opportunities to study God’s Word and share it with others through JOY Club, a one-on-one Bible study with a neighbor and a ladies’ Bible study. Please pray for Fran and the ministries the Lord has asked her to steward for Him.