Tim and Susan Heinrich – Crossroads Baptist Church in Tracy, CA

In preparing for this current ministry update I went back and reread what we had written in 2019. It was both encouraging and discouraging. It was so encouraging to remember what God was doing in 2019. It was also very encouraging to be reminded of how God specifically answered many of the requests in this update! It was also a bit discouraging, to realize that we are, in many ways, back to where we were three years ago, and looking forward again. So, I’m going to parallel the two reports.

Ministry update in pre-covid 2019

Ministry update in March 2022

This year Heinrichs have been focusing on the NEXT steps of the church plant in Tracy, CA. This year the Heinrichs are asking God to give them direction on the NEXT steps of the church plant in Tracy, CA.
Due to the high turnover of this community, they have planted and replanted multiple times. Due to the high turnover of this community, they have planted and replanted multiple times.
They are 3 years into the most recent group of families and the blessing of a permanent facility to rent. Over the past year, after experiencing two years of exponential growth and expanding of services and ministries, 10 families have moved away, leaving HUGE gaps in the ministry. Although some of those families were simply attenders, many of those who moved included leadership, teachers, musicians – people highly involved in discipleship and evangelism.
The focus this year has been on implementing the church’s Values statement. As a result of the 2019 focus on implementing the church’s Values statement, ministries had grown significantly.
One of the highlights of this year has been outreach events, such as a couples’ retreat, and a Passover Seder, which reached 15 new families.  Vacation Bible School attendance was a record high, with over 100 children reached and two clear professions of salvation. Praise God that one of our teens has also made a clear profession of faith.  The NEXT steps of these ministries are follow up through Back to Church Month and a fall discipleship program with a goal of doubling the Crossroads core through intentional discipleship. As a result of the strong outreach events, God blessed with salvations and people joining the church. We had filled our building and started 2020 with TWO morning services.
Families that attended Vacation Bible School are also being invited to enroll their children in a Wednesday Night Answer’s Academy, a series of Bible Classes focusing on Science, the Arts, Technology and Team Building. Crossroads is praying that 50 of the 100 children who attended VBS will join this class. Wednesday Night Academy and Youth Group attendance passed 50 many nights.
The focus is on teaching the Bible, and God has blessed the church with many creative and highly effective teachers. We were blessed to train several new teachers and saw the fruit of their labors in Bible study growth. This growth continued during the COVID lockdowns. When we were able to have services, the building was packed, including using overflow rooms and children’s ministry rooms that had been recently updated. We were excited to finally be reaching the goals for graduation. However, God, in HIS sovereignty, has chosen to scatter that core group of believers around the world. The job climate has moved families to several different states. As they have been packing moving vans and leaving, there have been many tears shed, as memories are shared of the blessings God brought through the church family at Crossroads. Many churches around the world are being blessed as enthusiastic, committed families join them with a passion to reach their neighborhoods for Christ that was ignited at Crossroads.
The Heinrichs believe that God will use them to reach Tracy for Christ. We believed, in 2019, that God would use us to reach Tracy for Christ, and He did, but His vision was greater than ours. Now, we are reaching other corners of the world for Christ.  It is hard to envision what Crossroads will look like in three more years. In 2019 we fully believed that by 2022 we would be graduating and planting other churches in neighboring communities, but God’s ways are not our ways. What we know is that He is faithful to complete what He started, and that the church is HIS.  The Crossroads families that remain are hurting, as they miss all their friends that have moved and the ministries that happened during their time. But they are still highly committed to the level of discipleship that had brought the earlier growth. The men are participating in “Leadership Journey.” The Ladies’ Bible Studies are reaching new people. Children’s ministries are much smaller but still effective.  We are planning similar outreach events, including an Easter Egg Hunt, Paint Nights, and Vacation Bible School, and trusting that if God desires a thriving church in this community, that He will once again give the increase.
Crossroads families sacrificially gave of their time and finances to do some major improvements on the building this year, in order to facilitate these discipleship programs, to the Glory Of God. The family continues to enjoy serving together.  The family is growing up and scattering too. Our house is much quieter than three years ago.
Caring for Susan’s parents has been part of our ministry this year, as her dad is in a care home nearby and her mom is in their home on hospice care. Susan’s parents have both passed away, so we no longer have that as part of our daily ministry.
Tim is serving as a chaplain for the police department. Tim continues to serve as a chaplain for the police department. The mental health crisis that has been intensified through COVID lockdowns, has made his ministry even more vital. He continues to pursue training and has had several unique ministry opportunities recently.
Susan is teaching music full time in the public school. Susan thoroughly enjoys teaching music full time. Her days include many unique ministry opportunities.
Janae has returned to the area, is teaching school, purchased a home and is serving the church through a special needs ministry. Janae is living in Tracy, teaching High School and working on her admin credential/doctorate. She currently has two foster daughters in her home that God is allowing her to raise.
Samantha continues to fight the effects of Lyme disease, is working from home and serves the church through technology ministries. God has blessed Samantha with significant healing from Lyme disease. She works remotely for a public health company and is pursuing new travel and ministry opportunities.
Alyssa is heading to CA Baptist University to study Music/Theatre/Education and has been blessed with a scholarship to tour with their University Choir and Orchestra.  She will be missed in the music and children’s ministries of the church. Alyssa is completing her Music Ed Degree at CA Baptist University. Her University Choir and Orchestra will be performing at Susan’s School District in MAY! God blessed her to marry Zac Allen on New Years Eve 2021. They have made their home in Riverside CA and are looking for God’s direction in future ministries.
Talitha is a Junior in High School, plays in the band and is active in JROTC.  She faithfully serves on music teams and with the special needs ministry. Talitha is studying criminal justice at CA Baptist University and thoroughly enjoying college life! She loves her local church in Corona CA and is praying about taking a missions trip in summer 2023.