Intentional Discipleship Ministries has a four-fold ministry focus each of which strive to facilitate the local church’s efforts to fulfill The Great Commission.

The Leadership Journey

Intentional Discipleship Ministries’ Leadership Journey is a year-long experience and commitment.  We believe God wants us to facilitate leadership training in a multiplying way.  As churches engage in effective Gospel outreach and discipleship, they naturally then go on to plant or revitalize churches.  Leadership training seeks to help a local church develop men and women to be spiritual leaders who reproduce themselves within the church and beyond.

The Leadership Journey training consists of:

  • A weekend retreat
  • Weekly meetings

There are three responsibilities:

  • Complete year one
  • Carry out your own groups in year two
  • Help another church begin the same journey in year three

Your church will experience blessings every week from this foundational obedience to Biblical discipleship.  May God richly give you these same things as a church body as you work together!

If you are interested in more information about The Leadership Journey, contact the Director of IDM, Jon Jenks, at

“The Leadership Journey training has helped clarify what we as Christ-followers should be aiming at in life. Our focus really comes down to two purposes: cultivating my walk with God and helping others to do the same. The class emphasizes intentionally in both of these two purposes. Because of who I am in Christ, all of life should be looked at from the lens of “how does this develop people?” The IDM training provides practical/intentional steps to grow both in your walk with Christ and in your spiritual leadership of others.”
Jason Blunk, Assistant Pastor of Ankeny Baptist Church in Ankeny, IA
“The Leadership Journey training has had a profound impact on my life. Through the tools and mentoring of Pastor Jon, I not only gained a whole new outlook of what I am supposed to be and why, but also the practical “how-to’s” to do it. It’s truly been a transformation of thinking and doing. By God’s grace I and others are seeking to now build this foundational thinking and doing in to our own church. As followers of Jesus, we all have been given the task of making disciples. Before this class that was just a phrase. Now we have concrete ideas in mind of what that looks like and our hearts’ desire is to be doers of what we have been taught and not hearers only.”
Brad Fincham, Assistant Pastor of Ankeny Baptist Church in Ankeny, IA
“The impact of The Leadership Journey training has had on me is two-fold. First, the training has helped me further my relationship with God by setting my eyes to view the world through His lens instead of through the selfish eyes of a human being. This has led to a Biblical view of all my roles in life rather than compartmentalizing some activities as spiritual and some activities as mine to do as I please. This lets the Word of God permeate throughout daily life, not just at church. Second, it has shown me examples and ways that I can help move people along their spiritual walk with God by giving practical steps of spiritual leadership. It has taught me that spiritual leadership is not ONLY given to the pastors in the church, but rather a charge given to members of the church as well.”
Erin Nihart, Assistant Director of Investment

     Short-Term Missions

Baptist Church Planters facilitates short-term missions training by giving qualified people exposure to and training in stateside ministry with a mother church and pastor as a church planter, assistant church planter or church builder. There are three possible plans for the short-term missionary experience:

  • Up to 2 weeks:  Available to individuals and larger groups who would like a brief exposure to missions.  Requirements include sending out a partner letter and presenting at a sending church before and after the trip.
  • 1 to 3 months:  A training experience (internship) often needed for a degree program and/or for those trying to discern if joining a mother church, church planting or building team is God’s plan for future ministry.
  • 6 to 12 months:  A more in-depth training experience (internship) often needed for a degree program and/or for those ready to launch into ministry with a mother church, church planting or building team.  This opportunity is for those who have or will complete a level of formal training.  Requirements include the BCP leadership training and developing ministry partners.

For more information, read here.

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Missionary Enrichment

The goal of missionary enrichment is to intentionally train and develop our missionaries.  BCP missionaries have several opportunities provided for training:

  • Candidate School
  • Kingdom Come Training
  • Church Planting School
  • Family Camp
  • Leadership Summit

Church Counseling

The focus of church counseling is on the need to develop disciples and train and build leaders. Our counseling efforts focus on helping a struggling or static church figure out how to move forward and on helping a growing church take the next steps to further their discipleship efforts. We always recommend intentional discipleship to occur, and The Leadership Journey is a great place to begin.