The following are the individual schedules of the BCP administrators, directors and coordinators.  All dates are subject to change.  Please contact us for additional information.

Steve Little, President

David Little, President Emeritus

Jon Jenks, Vice President of Training

Scott Owen, Director of Intentional Transitional Ministry

Herb Taylor, Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries

Timothy Weeks, Regional Field Director

Chip Wood, Director of BCP Youth Ministry


Steve Little, President

Nov. 24 Servants Baptist Church in Camden, NY
Dec. 8 First Baptist Church in LaGrange, OH

David Little, President Emeritus

Oct. 25-26 Open Door Baptist Church in New Woodstock, NY – Marriage Seminar

Jon Jenks, Vice President of Training

Oct. 18-19 Crossroad Baptist Church in Boone, IA – Retreat
Oct. 20 Clear Lake Regular Baptist Church in Clear Lake, IA
Oct. 29-Nov. 4 Discipleship Duck Hunting
Nov. 8-10 Ogden Baptist Church in Ogden, IA – Revitalization Kick-off
Nov. 16-17 Open Door Baptist Church in Churchville, NY
Nov. 18-21 Bob Jones University – Council of 18 and BBC Board Meetings

Scott Owen, Director of Intentional Transitional Ministry

Oct. 20 First Baptist Church in Bowling Green, OH
Oct. 21-23 Tri-State Conference in Toledo, OH
Nov. 4-5 Attending M4 Pastors Conference in Oswego, IL
Nov. 10 First Baptist Church in Baxter, MN
Nov. 17 Walnut Park Baptist in Muscatine, IA
Nov. 18, 20 Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA
Nov. 24 Airport Boulevard Baptist Church in Aurora, CO
Nov. 25-26 GV Christian School in Henderson, NV


Tim Weeks, Regional Field Director

Oct. 20 Fellowhsip Baptist  Church in Kansas City, MO

Herb Taylor, Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries

Nov. 2-6 Faith Baptist Church in Muskegon, MI
Nov. 9-10 Brookside Baptist Church in Brookfield, WI

Chip Wood, Director of BCP Youth Ministries

Oct. 14-18 Ministry Visits in New York and Pennsylvania
Oct. 19-20 Calvary Baptist Church in Akron, NY
Oct. 21-23 Tri-State Annual Conference in Toledo, OH