The following are the individual schedules of the BCP administrators, directors and coordinators.  All dates are subject to change.  Please contact us for additional information.

Jon Jenks, President
May 21-23  Constantia Center Baptist in Bernhards Bay, NY

David Whipple, Executive Vice President / ChurchCare Executive Director

Scott Owen, Director of Intentional Transitional Ministry
May 23 – Fosterburg Baptist in Fosterburg, IL
May 30 – Blair Ridge Baptist in Cedar Rapids, IA

Tim and Marsha Weeks, Director of Missionary Care and Church Facilitator
May 18 – leave for trip west
May 23 – Grandchildren baptism at Desert Hills Baptist, Buckeye, AZ
May 30 – Grace Baptist in Scottsdale, AZ, with Wayne and Shanna Dale

Chip Wood, Director of BCP Youth Ministries
May 15-16 – Cornerstone Baptist in Geneseo, NY