ITM is designed to help churches who find themselves in a period of transition. Intentional Transitional Ministry was born out of a need for churches to eliminate obstacles to their Biblical unity and mission in order to be fully prepared to call their next pastor. An ITM pastor walks through the transition with the church, assisting not only in enduring the transition time but seeking to develop spiritual leaders through gospel outreach and discipleship. BCP offers consultation, resources, assessments and ITM Pastors (Intentional Interim Pastors).

Scott Owen serves as the director of ITM. He offers consultation and conducts interviews with potential ITM pastors. Feel free to reach out to Scott: or 515.203.9580.

Be an ITM Pastor with BCP

An Intentional Interim pastor offers a unique opportunity for a pastor and his wife to provide onsite revitalization and healing for a church in transition. Benefits of serving with BCP:

  • Training in church revitalization, church conflict resolution and transitional ministry
  • Endorsement and accountability with Baptist Church Planters
  • Weekly coaching/interaction with the ITM director
  • BCP negotiates and handles all financial transactions between the church and the ITM Pastor