We are so privileged to be serving in West Virginia at Galilean Baptist Church.   As in most churches, we have our ups and downs. We started 2018 saying goodbye to one of our key men who was promoted to glory in early January.   Even in that we have been able to see God’s mighty hand at work. Jim Evan’s prayer for as long as we have been at Galilean is that his 2 daughters and their families would start attending church again and that the family members who are not saved  would get saved. Since Jim’s home going, his two daughters have been attending regularly with their children, and on occasion, the husbands are there.

A couple years ago I had the privilege of doing a funeral for an unsaved man. One of my requirements for doing a funeral is that I share the gospel. Three days after the funeral the man’s mother, now 81 years old, accepted Christ as her Savior.  Recently she started attending church and has asked about baptism. This one will be a joy and a challenge because she is in a wheelchair.

For December 2017’s Christmas dinner we were very intentional about particularly inviting the people on our street, and now the next door neighbor and her young son are in church for both Sunday school and church most of the time.  The neighbor has also been attending the Ephesians Ladies Bible Study Sharon is teaching every other week.

We still do not have many children and youth in the church, but in May we welcomed a baby boy, celebrated College and High School graduations, and throughout the year have enjoyed the many visits of different grandchildren.

Two couples are interested in joining the church.  One couple have attended for years and the other couple have been faithfully attending for a little over a year.

Last Wednesday night was our Year End meeting, and with great joy we finished the year in the black, and had a little surplus. God has been providing for the church finances to the point that this year, 2019, the church is able to take on about 50% of our support.  They have been able to increase it a little every year.

We continue to pray for
church growth through salvations,
more children,
physical health and
spiritual growth for all of us.

A new prayer request is for the good timing and successful surgery of two hernias Jim has at the site of the incision of the colon resection he had in late 2014.

Also, Galilean will be hosting the Freedom Fellowship of West Virginia’s Annual Meeting April 6th, at which Tim Weeks will be the Speaker.  Our theme is Church Revitalization.

We praise God for all those who support us in the ministry and support B.C.P. regularly.