Lead and Associate Church Planters

The most vital part of a church planting team are the Lead and Associate Church Planters. These men and women are called by God and are uniquely equipped. A good church planter has the ability to envision a church completed before it is even begun. The following are the necessary qualities of both the Lead and Associate Church Planters:

Lead Church Planter

A man called of God and capable of handling the Word of God, a communicator.
A man of vision- able to bring people along in fulfilling the church planting goal of being indigenous.
A man usually ordained, but not necessarily. Must be licensed if not ordained.
Must be commissioned by his local church.
A man that can lead a team.
A self-starter, well disciplined.
Full-time on the field.
Fully supported, unless permitted otherwise by the administration

Associate Church Planter

A man or woman called of God with a heart for church planting and with a willingness to be part of a church planting team.
A man or woman willing to work under the leadership of a Lead Church Planter.
A man or woman commissioned by their local church.
A man or woman gifted in special needs for church planting, such as Christian Education, music, discipleship, evangelism, or administration.
Fully supported unless permitted otherwise by the administration.
Full time on the field.
The first step in the process is to complete the Initial Contact Form.  After it is submitted and reviewed, you will be contacted and the next steps reviewed with you.