Missionary Builder

What does a builder look like?

Builders come from all backgrounds, serving as full or part-time missionary builders.

– Builders may live in trailers on the job site or rent housing nearby.

– Builders have varying degrees of skill and experience.

– Builders come from all age groups, some with young families and some retirement age.

– Builders serve for as little as a few days to full-time.

– Builders have a heart for service. All types of builders are vital to complete the projects on time and within budget. If you have a day or a week or a lifetime to give, there are all kinds of options for you to consider.

What does a builder do?

   – Project Manager/Lead Builder— An experienced builder with the ability to lead projects, understand and interpret prints, order materials, develop and coordinate schedules, plan work efficiently, and coordinate volunteer help on site. The lead builder is a full-time missionary supported by churches.
– Associate Builder—Familiar with most aspects of building and willing and able to work and learn. This builder works alongside a lead builder. The associate is also a full-time missionary supported by churches.
– Tentmaker Builder – Either a lead builder or an associate builder could be approved as a Tentmaker.  Tentmaker simply indicates that the missionary builder has other sources of income and will not need to (and may not) raise personal support.  A Tentmaker may raise professional expenses.  The application process and the job description for a Tentmaker is the same as a lead or associate.
– Volunteer—Construction experience is not necessary to qualify as a volunteer. Volunteers are not supported by churches and typically work on a short-term basis.

What are the requirements?

   – Know Christ as your personal Savior and have a desire to serve.
– Be in agreement with the policies, Constitution, and Articles of Faith of ChurchCare Construction.
– Be a member of a Baptist church with like beliefs.
– Have an interest or experience in construction.
If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please visit ChurchCare’s website (www.churchcare.org).  We invite you to also fill out our Initial Contact Form.  The Director of ChurchCare Construction will be in touch with you soon!