Jim and Janice Mitchell – Grace Fellowship Church in Preston, ID
We had the joy of sharing a service with the church plant group my son is with yesterday.  Gospel Peace Church plant is sent out by Gospel Grace Church from Salt Lake to Logan UT.  There are four young men all ordained partnering together for the sake of the gospel in a fast-growing but predominantly Mormon city.  They will be 30 minutes from us so we will be able to work together in many ways.  Already they are planning on lending us some of the teens that will be ministering with them in Logan this summer (Plant Camp in Logan – one week 80 teens, another 120 teens) to canvas in Preston.

We were excited to give them a financial gift yesterday to show our support of church planting!  It is a challenge to our church to live by faith and to be generous.

God is continuing to bring hope, encouragement and unity to our church.  We are working on a membership class and getting several involved in foundational discipleship. Paul, the lead guy with Gospel Peace and I will be speaking next Monday to a small Pastor’s fellowship here in ID.  He is the guy preaching with the beard pictured below.

Blessings to you and thanks for praying!

Tim and Marsha Weeks – Director of Missionary Care

  1. Praising God for safety in all our travels.
  2. We praise The Great “I Am”. “God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And he said, “Say this to the people of Israel: ‘I AM has sent me to you.'”  Ex. 3:14 also “Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live,” John 11:25
  3. We Praise God for the additional missionaries that we are privileged to come along side and work with, further West.
  4. Continued praise for our God who saves. Drawing men and women to Himself through His amazing grace, giving them eternal life.
  5. Grateful for the reports we heard at Council meetings that showcased God’s purpose and blessings on our missionary family. 

Miguel and Annie Quintana – church planters at Iglesia Bautista at Starkey Road, Seminole, FL

  1. PRAYER REQUESTS FROM Miguel and Ana Quintana (missionaries BCP).

April 11-2021

  1. Let’s be praying for the new members:
    • Eduardo & Varinia
    • Jorge & Francis

Spiritual growth for the newly Baptized:

    • Carolina Urquilla
    • Pedro Campos
  1. Fory Gonzales, eye surgery.
  2. Franco Hidalgo, Surgery April 23.
  3. Roberto Porras, Covid 19.
  4. For the family of Rosalba Muñoz. Pastor Miguel, was present praying for her at the Largo hospital, before passing away on April 6 and giving strength to the Marmolejo family.
  5. By missionary Lauren Muscarella (Spain).
  6. For the April Activities:
    • Meetings: servers & Ladies team.
    • For prayer meetings on Wednesdays.
    • For the people who are receiving discipleship through Zoom.
    • Personal evangelism.
    • By Pastor Quintana who is also preparing other members for evangelizing and discipling others Hispanic people.
  1. May the Lord add to our church those who are to be saved.
  2. For the peace of God in the homes of the church.

Rob and Beth Worthington – Emmanuel Baptist in Hamlin, NY
I wanted to give an update from our last letter. I had asked you all to pray for a lady who attended our play “Jesus”. Her name is Ann, and she came back to the services on Sunday. After the morning service, she asked me about salvation, so I sent her with one of our women to share the gospel with her. About 20 minutes later, they came out, and before our Sunday School lesson began, she shared with the whole class that she had accepted Christ as her personal Savior! Praise the Lord!!! It never gets old!

Please continue to pray as we figure out how to follow-up on those who visited for the play. In NYS, covid is still a big issue. Not quite as restrictive as other areas of NY, however, it could still be a problem trying to meet people in their homes. Please pray for that. It was good to see the Texas Rangers had a 100% full house at their home-opener game, as did the Master’s golf tournament. Lord willing, the fear aspect of covid is either coming to a close or, people just don’t care for our freedoms being taken away from us any longer. Hopefully, some of that moves up north to this state. It would for sure make follow-up easier.

Thank you again for all your prayers for our ministry of revitalization. Your prayers are more important than anything else!

Marty and Susan Basinger – ITM pastor at Northridge Baptist Church in Des Moines, IA
We arrived in Des Moines, on Friday evening, April 2nd, to come alongside a church in the downtown area. We have been on the go from that point. Since our first Sunday was an Easter service, it allowed Susan and me the time to meet the people and recover from the 17-hour road trip.

There are a lot of moving parts to this eight-week assignment, because of the potential collaboration from another church. We are in the initial steps with this. A local pastor and two staff members joined us for a meeting this past Sunday afternoon and evening. It was a scheduled training event with the church. BCP president Jon Jenks was also there. It was an encouraging first step. We appreciate your continued prayer for this great undertaking.

Wayne and Shanna Dale – church planters at Grace Baptist in Scottsdale, AZ

-Shanna & Mom adjustments
-Help for ministry workers
-Encouragement for shut ins
-Decisions for Salvation
-More families to attend
-Contacts in the community
-Faithfulness from young adults
-April Evangelism and Discipleship training
-Future Community Outreach
-Apartments begin leasing

-New Family w/ 5 kids
-2 Bible college volunteers
-New discipleship material
-Future community outreach
-Health of church family
-Letters and words of encouragement from friends
-Encouragement of Scripture
-Faithfulness of supporters

Bob and Penny Toomer – serving at Mountain View Baptist Church in Grantsville, UT

Covid restrictions. Masks. Limited group sizes. Things are ever-changing but we are thankful that our loving Lord never changes.

Mountain View Baptist Church.
As we celebrated victory through the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday, we were able to enjoy a wonderful service outside on our new property. The Lord blessed on a beautiful, sunny morning with snow capped mountains and horses in the background. We had two visitors that walked across the street in curiosity. They were both of the LDS faith and wanted to check things out.

We are really looking forward to getting some facilities set up on the property and to begin using it. God has provided $25,000 through a sister church for an architect and the initial plan work. Pray for us as we are trying to get the plans/blueprints together to begin the building process.

We have started some small group studies throughout the week. One is for new believers/new members, another is for fundamental doctrines and the last is for meeting specific needs to grow and disciple one another. We are striving to lay a foundation that helps establish a viable ministry in the church.

*an LDS woman that is truly searching for the Truth. We have been meeting weekly with her and she has had a lot of questions. Today she said that one of the books she was instructed to read (a well meaning friend recommended it) made her realize that all she has been taught all her life has been a lie. We need to explain that this is a big step but it also it a scary time for her because leaving the LDS faith is a MAJOR step and many times people are cast aside or ridiculed for walking away. Many times they will choose to leave the church and have nothing to do with God because of the lies they have heard all their lives. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to open her eyes to the truths of the gospel and she will have the strength to make the right decisions.

*riding lessons—Bob is very busy with riding lessons with 2 groups of young ladies, a teen age young man, and a young couple. He continues to try to point the conversation to things of the Lord as he instructs.

*Bible studies- a “Leadership Journey” study with 5 other men, a discipleship study with a group of 7 on Friday mornings, and a study Tuesday mornings with an LDS lady.

* shut-in widows and couples that just need encouragement with all this time of isolation.

Camp UTiBaCa.
Camp season is going to be upon us in no time. Last year Covid made it impossible to do camp but things are opening up now. There will be a workday to get stuff set up for the season. There is a need to finish up a water line before the season begins. Please pray for workers, counselors and wranglers as things get set up and ready and for the campers that will be attending to have open hearts to the gospel when they hear it.

Everyone is doing well. Melissa and Bobby and their 4 kids are in Texas still at language school. Heidi has been down there helping with child care and household things to take the pressure off of the parents as they are studying. She is enjoying time with the nieces and nephews as well as meeting new people. She’s even catching some Spanish along the way.

Ben and Amber are still in Colorado. Levi is almost 9 months old and is full of energy.

Bethany and Matthew continue to be very busy. Teaching remotely for the university has stretched Matthew in many way but he is doing well at it. The girls are ready to physically attend school but have been doing online classes most of the year.

We are so blessed to have our 8 little grandchildren and we look forward to visiting with them online as often as we can.

We both continue to get older and a little slower but enjoy reaching out and sharing Christ. Bob is still adjusting to the meds and tries to pace himself but is doing well. Please pray for wisdom as we look for opportunities to minister and to have the strength to get things done.

SALT – Senior Adults Living Triumphantly! – news from our retired missionaries

Carol Ciocca – please pray for Carol. The second covid shot caused fever and sickness.