Tim and Marsha Weeks – Director of Missionary Care

Rehearsing the Passion week events make us say ‘Hallelujah, what a Savior!’ We would appreciate prayer for Tim’s sister Marie Prichard as she and her family go through the funeral service this Saturday for her husband John Prichard, who suddenly passed into eternity last week. Thankfully the reminder and promise of the resurrection puts in perspective the Hope they have in Our Risen Savior.

Miguel and Annie Quintana – church planters at Iglesia Bautista at Starkey Road, Seminole, FL

  1. Spiritual growth for new believers.
  2. Protection of church families.
  3. For Gonzales, cataract surgery recovery.
  4. Elizabeth Díaz, high blood pressure.
  5. Hugo Parra, documents, work and family home.
  6. Health of Dora & Surgery of Franco Hidalgo.
  7. For those affected in Cali, Colombia by the floods.
  8. For Karla’s family in Honduras. God of strength and comfort.
  9.  For the Contreras missionaries.

 Scott and Marti Owen – Director of Intentional Transitional Ministry, Wellman, IA
Easter 2020 was celebrated on our front porch in Gilbert, Iowa as we awaited the start up of services in church.  Easter 2019 we said good-bye to Marti’s Mom.  This year we celebrated with our friends at Prairie Flower Baptist!  We are excited that this Easter had great meaning for three churches our ITM has served.  One worshipped with their new Sr. Pastor; one worshipped the week after calling their new Sr. Pastor; a third worshipped with ITM missionaries Marty and Susan Basinger as they started and Eight Week Interim!

As much as we loved our months serving churches as an interim pastor, we are excited to be on the road again serving throughout the Midwest.  You will see that we finished out March with a flurry of travel destinations and stops:

  • March 8th we celebrated Marti’s Birthday as we traveled back to Iowa from Rochester, MN.  We enjoyed a few landmarks she picked out that were along the way.
  • March 12th we made a stop in Michigan and visited friends from our first full-time ministry (1980’s).  It was a thrill to catch up with them.
  • March 13th we spent the evening with friends in Toledo, Ohio.  Paul is a pastor at Emmanuel Baptist, but was also instrumental in Scott’s life when he was a teen.
  • March 14th we were honored to pray at EBC and were recognized as one of their newest missionaries.  Their missions committee is an excellent example of a church partner.
  • March 15-18 were spent at the BCP headquarters.  The directors had several meetings and Scott gave a report to the BCP Council about what God has been doing through ITM.
  • March 20-21 we stopped in Crawfordsville, IN where we served from 1997 to 2000 as an Associate Pastor.  We were able to share our thanks for the three wonderful years of ministry as well as update our friends on what God has been doing in our “latter” years (2 decades later).
  • March 26-27 was an opportunity to attend the Men for Christ rally in Plymouth, MN.  Scott met several men and shared the BCP ministry, while Marti enjoyed some shopping and sightseeing.
  • March 28th we were present to thank our newest supporting church in Baxter, MN.  What a wonderful church family that cares not only for their community, but their family of sister churches throughout MN.

Being back home has its challenges as we pick away at the house projects and try to find things.  We are thankful for the house and truly hope to steward the opportunity well.  For fun we counted only 14 nights in our house in 2021 (through March).   April offers more traveling as we attend more state meetings, do some training and present at a couple of churches.    We are also placing more effort on bridging the gap for monthly commitments.  We are $1200 per month away from 100%.   Here is our promotional page on this https://scottmartiowen.wordpress.com/dozen/   We rejoice that since the first of the year God has already supplied an additional $700 per month in partner support.

Wayne and Shanna Dale – church planters at Grace Baptist in Scottsdale, AZ
Thank you for the cards, prayers, and support in this past month.  The passing of Shanna’s dad was sudden, unexpected, and filled with many emotions.  Covid has exacerbated poor medical care through removing any patient advocate, and the use of “teledocs” in a hospital setting.  We have drawn upon the sovereignty of God and seen a believer who lived out the phrase, “no fear in death.”  Pray for Shanna’s mom as she adjusts to understanding how much her husband truly did for her.  Thankfully her other daughter Krisha has been able to stay with her for the past month.

In February, Wayne spoke at a church for their Valentine’s dinner.  The next week he was notified that many couples who had attended contracted Covid.  The next day he was down as well.  Thankfully he is fully recovered and we are grateful for a local Bible college that has helped provide speakers, and students to help in ministry.  The students help with music and in teaching.  God has brought a new family that has visited several times, and a new couple that will become members.  We have recommenced Men’s breakfast and growing the ladies prayer and Bible study.  In March, some of the apartments across the streets have begun to be leased.  We met the manager and hope we can coordinate future events.  At church we had 2 missionaries and a ladies luncheon.  Shanna also had field trips for her Spanish class to a Colombian restaurant.

Pray for Rylee as he will graduate in May.  Gloria finishes her junior year and has a piano recital soon.  Claire and the others will be in a Spring choir concert soon.  Pray for Simon as he has been inquiring about baptism.  They also have been able to spend time with some cousins and adjust to life without their grandpa Thompson.

-Shanna & Mom adjustments
-Help for ministry workers
-Encouragement for shut ins
-Decisions for Salvation
-More families to attend
-Contacts in the community
-Faithfulness from young adults
-April Evangelism and Discipleship training
-Future Community Outreach
-Apartments begin leasing

-Easter Service in our building
-New Family w/ 5 kids
-2 Bible college volunteers
-New discipleship material
-Future community outreach
-Health of church family
-Letters and words of encouragement from friends
-Encouragement of Scripture
-Faithfulness of supporters

Roy and Karen Kinney – Church planters at Pinecrest Baptist in Millbury, MA
It was a beautiful Resurrection Sunday morning as 24 of us met outside for celebration!  We were also set up for a social distance BYO breakfast time of fellowship. It was so good to have Gwen Bui back with us.  She encouraged us with a testimony of God working in her life this past year in Boston at College.  The Joy Clubs & Biblical Teaching that she had received while growing up stayed with her and reminded her of the importance of her relationship with God.  In her adult life she was able to use what she had learned here to get her relationship with God right. Just a reminder that our teaching needs to be sound and that it is impacting the lives of others.

Lillian was a first-time visitor from Millbury.  She shared that she lost her husband four months ago and that she was looking for a church close to home and found us on the internet.

The day was special as last year we were ordered closed by the State. This year we had 40 in attendance.  We are so thankful for our local church and awesome building and grounds!

On Sunday we will have a memorial time in honor of Teresa Tamburro who passed on to be with the Lord last month.  We had the privilege of leading Teresa to Christ and rejoice in her homegoing.  Both Romeo & Teresa will be missed around here.

We continue to have membership & discipleship classes.  It’s neat to see God at work in the lives of other people.

Rob and Beth Worthington – church planters at Emmanuel Baptist in Hamlin, NY
The past couple of weeks have been pretty awesome for our church. Let me explain . . . . For Good Friday, we simulcast the play “Jesus” by Sight & Sound, Branson, MO. I had created invitations for the showing and got 200 of them printed up. Almost all of them were taken and distributed. Friday night, we had 50 show up for the play, and more than 30 of them were guests. Many were already believers, however, I believe there were more than ten who were not. I have since sent out a follow-up hand written letter to each of the ones we received cards from. We will then try to meet each one in person if possible.

On Tuesday morning our ladies met for a Bible study time with one of our ladies, and 13 attended, including one of the ladies from the play showing. She has also stated that she wants to come back for our church service. She is Catholic and knows she needs something more. Praise the Lord, we know what that is! Then on Sunday morning, we had another surprise. After our service was over (we do a 9:45 service, then an 11:15 Sunday School hour), a van pulled into our parking lot and a younger family was looking to come to our service. They missed it, however, they said they will come back next Sunday. One of our couples provided a visitor’s packet with all the church info in it, as well as a Bridge Tract, and welcome information for those who do visit. As an older church with few people already, it is hard to lose anyone. However, three weeks ago we saw our two youngest couples leave the church, which hurt us. However, I believe God had His reasons for this. We now look to the future to see what God will do with those in our church to reach our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the kingdom of God! We’ve already seen a couple of positive steps. To see the church get excited about bringing in the lost for Good Friday was exciting for me to see, and very encouraging! Please continue to pray for growth, discipleship, and Ann who attended, and is planning on coming this Sunday! Thank you all!