Chip and Karen Wood – Director of BCP Youth Ministries and Teacher Journey Training
1.         Pray for continued good health and safety in traveling.
2.         Pray that the Lord will make provision of a newer car for Chip to travel.
3.         Pray as we continue to connect and encourage churches and individuals daily.
4.         Pray for Chip as he meets weekly with churches for online meetings.

1.         Praise the Lord for continued new supporters and the generosity of churches.
2.         Praise the Lord for good meetings over the past few months in spite of the pandemic. 

Tim and Marsha Weeks – Director of Missionary Care

  1. Please pray for our family to be in good health for this wedding date. Some of the Harkleroad family members have Covid, Aaron was tested on Naomi’s birthday (the 7th) receiving a positive result a couple of days later.
  2. Also please remember to pray for the Bestey’s as they serve in Kansas City, MO to be making disciples for God’s kingdom. Pray that they will proclaim truth with boldness.
  3. Please pray also for Tim to have wisdom, as new responsibilities are starting this year.
  4. For our renewed strength, stamina and wisdom in internet meetings and making flexible travel plans for 2021.


  1. Praising God for the wedding plans coming together for Zach Musser and our daughter Esther. February 27 is quickly coming.
  2. We praise our Triune God. “For through him(Jesus) we both have access in one Spirit to the Father.” Eph. 2:18. The work of all three persons of the trinity reconciles sinful men through faith in Christ so we can be at peace with God. Amazing grace!
  3. We Praise God for family. Our children and grandchildren, thankfully, are anticipating being together for this up coming wedding.
  4. Continued praise for our God’s mercies. Our own sin that can so easily beset us is met with forgiveness as we confess, He will cleanse us.
  5. Grateful that we have another year to serve our Great God, He supplies the opportunities and strength to accomplish His will, day by day. Encouraging others and ourselves to trust and obey.

 Roy and Karen Kinney – Church Planters at Pinecrest Baptist Church in Millbury, MA

The Year 2020 is one most of us would like to forget, but we cannot neglect to see God at work in our lives even in the midst of a pandemic!

Pinecrest Baptist Church News: 

We closed on our land sale after a long wait and are settled comfortably in our “forever” church home!  God has so richly blessed us and provided and cared for us all along the way.  Thank you to our Mission, Baptist Church Planters, for their support in getting us to this point with loaned funds, grants, and our Missionary Builders Team.  Our next step as a church is graduation from Mission’s status.

We hosted Romeo Tamburro’s funeral in February just before the pandemic awareness hit.  Our Church Doors were closed for 3 months due to Covid orders, but thankfully we have been open and running on a limited schedule since.  We really enjoy being together for worship.  We even had three new community people start attending during this time.  A lot of connections were maintained through phone calls, e-mails, outside visits, and one on one Bible Studies.  We are all still learning and growing!

Wow, what started out as a family of 7 is now a growing family of 17 and counting…they all love the Lord and each one is plugged into their local churches and faithful.  Roy, Leroy, Caleb, and Kurt all work Kinney Enterprises and are a great testimony in the community for the Lord with their work.  God is good!

We continue to thank God for His love and care.  Many of you have been an example to us through your loss or hard times with Covid; yet you trust in Him!  May we be strengthened and grow closer to God and each other in the New Year!

**Please pray for Alyssa (Kinney) Rofe – She was induced last evening and delivered in the early morning. Alyssa is recovering from a rough bout with covid.