Please pray for our BCP Family Camp, July 18-22, at Black Rock Retreat Center in Quarryville, PA
There will be 68 individuals traveling to and from there, both driving and flying. Please pray for traveling mercies and for great personal and ministry connections for everyone!

Tim and Susan Heinrich – church planters at Crossroads Baptist Church in Tracy, CA
We know that GOD answers prayer in HIS perfect timing. We also know that often we do not see the results directly. However, we asked you to pray for some specific needs and we want to share with you how GOD has been answering YOUR prayers:

God brought 24 families to Vacation Bible School. Four of those families attend Crossroads regularly. We are praising God for families who returned and MANY new faces.  We are praying for 22 new families in 2022. Would you pray with us that these families will become part of the Crossroads family? ONE of our fifth graders trusted Christ as their Savior during the week and many others were responsive to the Gospel.  There is much follow up to do. Several families expressed interest in looking for a church home.

Tim volunteers as a chaplain for the police department. Most of the people that he works directly with live in other communities. But, one of the officers saw the ad for VBS on Social Media and brought their kids, not realizing this was “Chaplain Heinrich’s” church. They were very excited to find out that the pastor is (in their words) “One of US” and promised to return. They brought another family with them to VBS. Please pray that God will give open doors to intentional ministries in the lives of these officers.

Mrs. Joyce M. is deaf. She taught the memory verses to the kids in Sign Language. She was so excited to have a place to serve. The grin on her face while she was teaching literally filled the whole building! The kids really connected with the ASL. Some of the girls went home and made videos of themselves practicing their sign language. Their parents were so impressed that they came into the building asking for help learning sign language so that they could say “Thank You” to the lady who was teaching their kids.  New families at Crossroads jumped in and found JOY in ministry. Mr. Keith had a great time with the kids, especially the older boys. During the closing program we invited families to return. One of the boys raised his hand and asked, “If I come back on Wednesday nights will Mr. Keith be my teacher?” Mr. Keith now is prayerfully considering what God is calling him to do in ministry with these young men

We also have asked you to pray for OPEN DOORS in our Neighborhood. Families are friendly as we go on evening walks, but only outdoors. We are hosting a neighborhood watch block party. We decided to knock on each door in our neighborhood to give personal invitations. Normally people will not even come to the door, they just talk to you through the video doorbells. However, we prayed specifically for open doors that evening. Would you believe that we had people actually come to the door at almost every house?? AND we got invited in at FOUR different houses. Not just invited into the foyer, but invited in and given tours of the houses and backyards. We also got FED at all those houses. The warmth and interest in “who we are” was a striking difference to the typical attitude of this community. God clearly opened doors. Continue to pray with us for gospel opportunities in this affluent Asian/Indian neighborhood. We stood under and walked past many idols in these homes. Pray that God would use us to show them the ONE TRUE GOD. We have a strong burden for these mainly Buddhist and Hindi neighbors. We are seeking direction from ministry leaders across the globe that understand how to reach these cultures. Please pray with us for James 1 wisdom.

After 17 years of ministry together, our partners the Shades are moving to Florida. They are moving toward retirement and settling with family there. We have raised our families together and planted a church together. It’s hard to imagine ministry here without them. We send them off with many memories and grateful hearts for all the work that they have done to the Glory of God. They are family number thirteen to move out of Tracy in a little over a year. God has planted those families in new ministries and has kept them close across the miles. We have started to joke about Crossroads 2.0, 3.0, etc in different regions.  Although our Sunday morning attendance has dropped significantly, our global impact is strong. And we are trusting God to do another good work here with new people. Pray that we have stamina and wisdom to steer those ministries.

We had the opportunity to celebrate Susan’s 50th birthday and our 29th Anniversary on a cruise to Alaska with Tim’s Parents, and his sister and her husband. We were blessed to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation together. We are heading to Pennsylvania for Baptist Church Planters Family Camp. We look forward to the opportunity of fellowship and collaborate with our missionary family. When we return from that trip, it will be “Back to School” and a busy schedule of ministry in the month of August.

Wayne and Shanna Dale – church planters at Grace Baptist Church in Scottsdale, AZ
We are grateful for the people that God has brought into our lives and the opportunities to serve the Lord with them and for them. We celebrated Memorial Day by inviting our church family over to our house for a cook out after church.  We also enjoyed celebrating our nation’s Independence Day last week with the family of some of our college students from church.  Since we live in Arizona under drought restrictions, we were not able to view any large firework shows.  However, we were able to have a great music service at church with the Shaleen family.

In June, a missions team from Minnesota spent time helping us pass out flyers in neighborhoods and spending time in nearby parks.  We passed out water at a large, city park down the street from the church and even met some young adults at a pick-up basketball game.  The team was encouraged to see a direct result of their ministry the following Sunday as a man who had received a flyer in the door of his house, attended church that morning!  The Minnesota missions team ended their trip enjoying God’s creation in Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  While it was a busy schedule, we are grateful for their ministry.
It has been a blessing and an answer to prayer to see God bring people to our church in His perfect time.  While our summers are usually slower, we have seen a few younger professionals begin to attend.  Recently a new young couple relocated to the area and before they even moved here they met with us to get established in a local church.  They are eager to serve in the church.  The husband has a great ministry heart and they both participate in the church understanding a ministry mindset. The wife is a piano virtuoso and teaches other instruments as well.  Her piano skill has quickly identified our need to upgrade our piano.  The wife’s family recently visited and used their gifts to sing and play specials for our July 3 morning service.  It is refreshing to see the potential of this couple and we pray that God will allow them to integrate into the ministry here.  Wayne also personally connected with another young man who recently moved from MI.  He learned that he was positively influenced by his grandparents and their lives were a living testimony to his desire to live for God.


-Missions team ministry
-Beginning new Bible Studies
-Faithfulness from young professionals
-Finances during higher prices (gas)
-Wisdom and discernment
-Good health to serve faithfully
-More contacts around the church area
-Clarity for future for our children
-Spiritual growth and maturity for family
-Declining health of older members


-Missions teams from Minnesota
-Young couple moved to area
-New pianist at church!
-New guests from passing flyers
-Simon will be baptized
-Bible college student Jesse Huang helping this summer
-Kid’s last Christian school bill paid
-Shanna is teaching minor league English
-Friends who fixed our AC
-Faithfulness of older members

On the other end of the age spectrum, we are grateful for the faithfulness of our older attendees.  We try to keep updated in their lives as many do not have family nearby.  We also see senior age guests at church.  An older couple recently started attending who had visited the church a few years ago.   An older woman has begun to attend with her caregiver.  We also had a couple of ladies return last month who had not attended since the pandemic began.  We follow up with those who share their contact info and we hope to encourage them in their spiritual journey.  Please pray for wisdom as we navigate the challenges of ministry with “book end generations.”   We understand that this is a “non-traditional” ministry and it will take a bit longer to be self-supporting.
We praise the Lord for His provision financially for our kid’s Christian school bill.  We thought we were about finished and then received a bill for almost $10K.  We contacted the financial officer and they discovered that part of the high cost had been an input error.  When it was discovered, it erased about $8000!  I told the woman that she helped to increase our prayer life.  We have re-enrolled and pray that our children will obtain the necessary scholarships to attend.  Shanna will not be teaching Spanish at the school next year but has acquired a new position from a friend who coordinates English classes to minor league baseball players.  Wayne has been busy coordinating ministry with Jesse Huang who is spending the summer with us.   He is a Bible college student at Faith and desired to get to know the ministry here in Arizona better.  He possesses a great servant’s heart and has a desire to serve in pastoral ministry.  He will also be helping with a VBS at a sister Spanish ministry church.

The kids are working and looking forward to driving to Mexico for a short family getaway, and then traveling out East to the Baptist Church Planters Missionary Retreat.  We will be updating the Mission family about the ministry and catching up with other ministries and missionaries.  Our oldest son, Rylee will remain in AZ the second week, working and completing 2 college courses.  He and Jesse will be in charge of making sure Claire’s dog stays alive while we’re gone.  We still have a few months of 100+ degree temperatures and we are grateful for ministry friends who helped fix the AC at our house, and our unsaved neighbors who helped fix our vehicles.  We also thank God for each of you!

Marty and Susan Basinger – ITM pastor currently at home in Greenville, SC
Our third eight week comprehensive with the transition church in SW Illinois came to a close on June 5. On that Sunday morning, following the message, both ordinances of the church were celebrated – a baptism followed by the Lord’s Supper – a first for me and the church. It was a wonderful closure to this eight-week period. During these weeks my primary focus was on coaching the pulpit committee as they interviewed a number of pastoral candidates. The men leading the search were now fully aware of Christ’s mission for the church, and all sensed that the church was experiencing the first fruits of revitalization.  They had also come to learn that a revitalization church needs a revitalization pastor to lead them.

According to Tom Harris, author of the book Soaring Between Pastors, a revitalization pastor is marked by 3 P’s: He is Passionate about the gospel, Proactive in leading the mission of the church and Personable in relating to people. In addition to other important considerations, these 3P’s were helpful in determining whether the potential pastoral candidate would be a good fit for the church. Two weeks after we left Illinois, a perspective candidate agreed to the next step in the process, and he and his wife came for a visit. By all accounts the experience was enjoyed by all, and our hope and prayer was that this would be the man to lead the church into the future. However, on June 23 he notified the pulpit committee that he would not pursue the next step of becoming an official candidate for pastor. While this was a big disappointment to the men and the church, their disappointment was tempered by the conviction that God was in charge of the process. My director, Scott Owen, and I are continuing to communicate with them about the months ahead.

On a personal note, Susan and I have had the opportunity to spend time with both of our elderly mothers. Susan’s mom is eighty-eight and spends most of her time in bed due to paralysis on the left side. Her faithful husband, Joe, has been such a blessing to Betty in so many ways and in particular his careful attention to her needs. In the last month or so, Joe has been ill and is going through tests to determine the nature of the illness. They and we would appreciate your prayers for them during this time.

My mother is eighty-three and is a resident at an assisted living home in Florida. She is dealing with the effects of dementia. My brother Jim and his wife Sarah, who live nearby, have faithfully attempted to brighten Mom’s days in so many ways. However, a few months ago, Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer and is now undergoing a second round of chemo treatments. Due to Covid and other concerns Mom cannot come to the house and so spends most of her days in residence. Please pray for Sarah as she strives to trust the Lord through this valley she and her husband are walking and for decisions concerning Mom’s care.

Susan and I are looking forward to being with Glen Baptist Church in Watkins Glenn, NY, on July 17th and then at the BCP Family Camp the 18th-22.

We appreciate so much your prayers and support for the ITM ministry.

Tim and Marsha Weeks – church facilitation director with an emphasis on Missionary Care
Entrust to Faithful Men
When visiting at our sending church in NY, our Pastor was discussing the importance that we should always have someone who is leading us in discipling and we are to be involved with leading someone else. Someone ahead of us and someone behind us, entrusting truth to one another. As Paul states; ‘You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men (people), who will be able to teach others also.’ 2 Tim. 2:1-2. Leadership Journey and Grove studies have blessed us with these kinds of opportunities ‘to be led’ and ‘to lead’, entrusting to faithful men and women. Our goal is to model this to our children, our grandchildren, pastors we interact with and the missionaries we care for. Our prayer is that each of us will be found occupying ourselves with the work of the ministry until He returns.

Prayer requests

  1. Please pray for wisdom as Tim prepares for presenting Good Soil as a tool for Connecting the Lost to Christ at a session during BCP’s Family Camp this month, that he would be well prepared and used by God to encourage our BCP missionaries toward evangelism.
  2. Also, please remember to pray for Marsha and the other directors wives as they work through the Grove study while each have very busy schedules.
  3. Please continue to pray for the Briggs’s as they adjust to Emmrich as the new member of their family.
  4. Pray for our missionaries in general, more specifically Pete and Mary Lou Jenks as they transition to retirement, recently moved from NE to OH. They will be ministering to the retired missionaries in their new assignment.
  5. Kindly pray for us as Paul did in Philippians 1:9–11 as we pray for our partners; “And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.”