Jim and Janice Mitchell – Grace Fellowship Church in Preston, ID
We meet in a rented storefront that has been remodeled recently and serves well as an auditorium.  The owner is getting older, has cancer and last week informed us that he is going to pursue selling the building.  He would like to sell the building to us, but it really isn’t suited for future growth.  There is very little education space, and the building is very old with no parking.

The church has rented this building since the beginning, and it has worked well but it seems God is causing us to consider a different meeting space.  Please pray with us about this since there are not a lot of options immediately obvious and our funds are very limited.  This will definitely cause us to step out by faith, but we know that God already has a plan for Grace Fellowship.  Please join us in praying for God’s will to become known and for this opportunity to become a talking point to God’s glory.  We are praising God for our newest granddaughter!

Jimmy and Abby Stevenson – missionary builders currently living at the Mission; finishing up the work at First Baptist of Elyria
It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we introduce to you Paul Michael Stevenson! Paul arrived two weeks early on June 16th at a healthy 8lbs, 10 oz, and 20.5 inches long. Our little family is doing very well, and we are beyond thankful for God’s grace as we recover.

The whole story is a bit much for one newsletter, but it is with full hearts that we share that your prayers had a huge impact on us, and those surrounding us through this journey. Due to Paul being so early, our original birth plan went out the window and we had to switch from a homebirth to a hospital delivery.  But Jimmy and I had such a peace that God was going before us, and we were to continue to just trust Him. The unknown (to us) hospital team gave excellent care, and though labor went long, there were no complications at birth.

We did have to head back to the hospital a few days later as Paul had a bad case of jaundice that needed light therapy. This, of course, was hard on mama and dad to take him back and watch our baby be poked and prodded. But again, we had a peace that God was going before us and we were to rest in His hand. What a blessing to have access to the medical technology that helped Paul’s numbers go down over the course of 36 hours.

There are so many little and big details of this story that show God’s hand at work and show the power of prayer. Thank you, our partners, for interceding on our behalf, particularly in regard to Abby and Paul through the birthing process.

For now we are blessed with Abby’s mom staying for a few weeks and helping our small family adjust. Jimmy is getting back to work on the jobsite this week, Abby is continuing to recover slowly but surely, and Paul is just as precious as precious can be, even at 2 am in the morning!

In our next newsletter we will give updates on the wrap-up of the project at the church in Elyria, as well as the startup of the next job site at BCP headquarters.

SALT updates (Senior Adults Living Triumphantly!)

Herb and Wanda Taylor – retired, living in Greenville, SC, served as Director of Hispanic ministries and as Regional Field Director
Update: This past Saturday evening, Herb’s brother, Dan, stepped into the Lord’s presence. We find it hard to believe that he is gone and our hearts ache. It was hard having to tell Herb’s 92-year-old Mom that her 70-year-old son had just died. Our love and prayers are especially with Dan’s wife, Judy, and their children, Brooke, Gretchen and Erin. We are grateful that Dan knew and loved the Lord and faithfully served Him in the military and the pastorate. And though our earthly hearts are grieving, we rejoice that Dan knows HIS SAVIOR even better now.

Earlier on Saturday night, we had planned to connect with Wanda’s brother and sister-in-law who live near us. We canceled with them when we went to see Herb’s brother just moments before he died. But on Sunday morning, our sister-in-law texted to tell us that their 4 year old grand-daughter had just died from complications with her medical condition. Our hearts are aching so much – two deaths in less than 24 hours, two funerals this week. We cried yesterday in church as we heard a duet sing,

“He will Hold Me Fast”. GOD has, GOD is and GOD will!

Tom and Carol Phillips – retired, living in Fredericksburg, VA, served as Apollos missionaries in a revitalization work in Camden, NY; currently continuing to assist with a radio station in Chuuk by providing computer support; also assisting pastors in the Philippines
We continue to work on programing and have added a couple of new programs to add to the station log and have taken one program off.  We trust that in October/November we will be able to make a trip to Chuuk and take the backup computers.  We also are waiting on the Philippines to open so we can make a trip there to visit Jade and minister to the Pastors whom we have worked with in the past. Future plans for us besides the trips to the Philippines and Chuuk will be to make a trip to Michigan to visit two supporting churches and friends from the first church I pastored.

Carol Ciocca – retired from ministry at Grace Bible Baptist Church in TX and their Spanish outreach and also Rio Grande Bible Institute in Mexico; living at Maranatha Village in FL
The orthopedic doctor said there are bone spurs in my shoulder.  I had a corticosteroid injection and will have another appointment in two weeks to see how it worked. I need to literally chill out for 2 days (ice pack and rest).