Tim and Marsha Weeks – Director of Missionary Care

Monday, August 3


  • Please thank God with us that He answers prayer as the Bestey’s daughter, Mary, has insurance approval for her needed kidney transplant. Now to find the right match.
  • Also continue to praise God that we have been healthy throughout our travels.
  • Praise God with us for being able to successfully participate in prayer meetings, teaching lessons, Bible studies and other meetings via technology while in Nebraska as we visited both BCP church plants in Fullerton and Genoa and as we attend Senior Saints week of camp.
  • Praise our Changeless God – “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Heb. 13:8 is at work changing us into the image of Jesus Christ.
  • We are thankful and praise the Lord for the students of His Word that God has privileged us to work alongside as we endeavor to make disciples.


  • Thank you for praying for our son, Reuben, during his deployment. He is still separated from his family until mid-August. Pray also for their spiritual growth that has taken place. We pray that Wesley (5) will understand and embrace the Good News early in his life. Also continue to ask God to help Abby (now 9) and Caleb (now 8) as they grow in their understanding of the truth for living the Christian life. Finally asking God to help them as they adjust to being a family unit again.
  • Be praying that we can make a move from the rental we are currently in to a home that our daughter Hannah is looking to buy yet this summer.
  • Please continue to be in prayer with us for our BCP missionaries Rob and Beth Worthington who serve in Hamlin, NY, as they transition from their rental to a home they purchased. Also pray for the Mitchell’s in Fort Collins, CO, as they seek ministry opportunities for God’s kingdom.
  • Pray that we would be faithful to strive in making disciples that will bear fruit in producing disciples as well.
  • Please pray with us as we plan our travels for the fall of this year. With the restrictions that change from state to state, day to day, it has been challenging and interesting to see God’s plans unfold.

Chip and Karen Wood – Director of BCP Youth Ministry

Prayer Letter

The verse “The LORD will accomplish what concerns me; Your lovingkindness, O Lord, is everlasting.”

(Psalm 138:8) has come to mind more often than any other verse in recent weeks. It is a confident declaration from David knowing that God had a plan concerning him; in His greatness and goodness, God would perfect and accomplish that plan. As it was true in the life of David, it can be true in our lives as well … the Lord will accomplish what concerns us.

We have experienced deep loss in recent weeks. On May 30th, Chip’s 26- year old nephew, Josh, passed away unexpectedly. Little more than a week later, on June 10th, Karen’s 53- year old brother, Gary, went home to be with the Lord as a result of a tragic tractor accident on the farm. These have been extremely difficult days, but the Lord continues to help us with our grief and heartache and will continue to accomplish what concerns us one day at a time. Your continued prayers for our families as well as the follow-up conversations from both funerals would be deeply appreciated. Thank you for the kind expressions of sympathy that have been sent to us.

On June 6th, Johnathon and Gabby were married in a small, private ceremony at Gabby’s home in Iowa. It was not the wedding that they had dreamed of due to COVID-19 along with Gabby’s mom being so ill, however, the Lord continues to accomplish what concerns them. They have settled into a cute little apartment in Ankeny and they are very happy together. Thank you to all who remembered them with a gift or card. Continue to pray for Mishelle Gerber; she is at a facility in Ankeny and is doing okay physically, however, her mental progress is slow. Johnathon will begin a new job with a great company on June 27th. This is an answer to prayer after being laid off and picking up part-time “odd jobs” since March due to COVID-19.

We continue to count our blessings and hold our family and ministry partners even closer to our hearts in light of the losses we have experienced. In spite of the COVID-19 concerns and limitations on traveling, our support has actually increased with four new supporters and two increases of current ministry partners. That brings our total support level to 85%. The Lord is good, and He continues to accomplish what concerns us.

Chip has spoken in three churches in recent weeks and he continues to stay very busy with both online and in-person leadership meetings. Pray that we will stay focused and productive in the ministry that God has called us to. Thank you for your continued prayer, and partnership.

Marty and Susan Basinger – ITM Pastor

Prayer Letter

COVID-19 continues to be a major factor in most people’s decision to venture away from home to visit family and friends, attend church or travel. Yet, with mask in hand, Susan and I have traveled to three states over the last six weeks to attend church and visit with family and friends.

We spent a profitable ten days in Ohio in June. We are grateful to Pastor Olsen and the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church for hosting us over a weekend. We were given the opportunity to spend quality time in fellowship with the pastoral staff, as well as preach in the AM service and present the ITM ministry in the evening service. I fielded questions from the congregation, and afterwards Susan and I met with the pastor, staff and deacons. The church voted on the following Wednesday evening to not only support our ministry but also become our sending church, which was the ultimate purpose of our visit. We are thankful for the counsel and prayer of our pastor and church family.

On Monday morning, with the blessing of ITM Director Scott Owen and President-elect Jon Jenks, I met Pastor Olsen and Chuck Pausley for breakfast. Chuck is the state representative for the OARBC, an autonomous group of likeminded independent Baptist churches in Ohio. We discussed ways BCP’s Intentional Transitional Ministry could be a blessing and help to association churches in transition. Chuck voiced his desire to see such a partnership become a reality.

We were blessed as well to visit with the staff of BCP and have dinner with the Howards and Jenks in their homes.

From Ohio, we traveled to Chattanooga, TN, where our oldest son and his family live. We introduced the ITM ministry in one church, and I spent over an hour talking with another pastor who has been burdened for such an intentional-type ministry to churches in transition. His church will be voting to support us during the gap times between ministry assignments, for which Susan and I are incredibly grateful.

During our conversation about church transitions, I brought up the need for pastors to have in place a succession plan so that the church is prepared for the eventual day he departs. In one sense, all pastors are interim pastors. A few biblical examples of planned succession include Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, and Jesus mentoring the twelve disciples to take over after His departure.

The best candidates are those men who can buy into the mission, vision, and philosophy of the church, who are preferably known by the church and have been mentored by the senior pastor at some point…as in all three biblical examples. To find such a candidate requires time and would necessitate the pastor developing a bench through intentional leadership development. I am convinced that a good starting point for pastors is Baptist Church Planter’s twenty-four-week Intentional Discipleship Ministries’ Leadership Journey. I have just completed this leadership journey with three other men, and it was facilitated by President-elect Jon Jenks. Jon developed and used this course in his pastorate. Over the years, his church saw twenty-four individuals go into full-time ministry. When Jon departed in 2017, he was succeeded by a man from within his church. Having a succession plan lessens the anxiety that is most often experienced by churches during transition.

During our time in Chattanooga, ITM Director Scott Owen and I met with the deacons of a church in the Midwest (via video conference and subsequent emails) who were faced with the difficult decision to close their church which had started in the 1950’s. Scott and I encouraged them to consider merging with another church instead. Combining their gifts, abilities and resources with another ministry would strengthen that church and encourage their group. Last Sunday the congregation voted for merger. Pray for Jerry, Bill and Loren as they meet with local pastors and sell their church property which includes a parsonage.

A big blessing we received while visiting with our son and his family was seeing our seven-year-old granddaughter trust Christ as her Savior. Avrie had been talking to her parents for a while about her desire to be saved, but they wisely waited till they felt she had a good understanding of sin and salvation. One evening Avrie came to her mom in tears and voiced her desire to be saved. After Mary spoke to her alone, Avrie cheerfully announced that she had been saved. We all rejoiced, and Chase and I prayed for her walk with Jesus.

From Chattanooga we traveled to Greenville, SC, to visit with our two sons and their families and to check on our house that is being built. The closing date is set for August 28. After a year and a half, we look forward to getting everything out of storage and having our own home again. The address will be: 136 Shumard Lane, Taylors, SC 29687.

Pray for us concerning our next ministry assignment. COVID-19 continues to hinder most churches from getting back to any form of normalcy. This has an indirect impact on our ministry as well.

We appreciate your support and prayer for us throughout these challenging months. May God bless you and keep you safe.

Paul and Janet Robinson – Church Planters at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church in Camden, NJ

Prayer Letter

As we come to the end of July, I hope you are doing well and staying safe as we all continue to confront the dangerous and unseen enemy – COVID-19! I am writing to thank you for being a faithful prayer partner of our ministry and to let you know how God has been directing our group at Cornerstone.

As you know, three years ago a Christian foundation approached us and offered to assist us in constructing a building on the property. They generously invested in the architectural drawings, site planning, etc. However, after much prayer and counsel from the administration from Baptist Church Planters, the foundation, and the Cornerstone family, we have concluded that we lack several key ingredients necessary to move forward with a building project. Cornerstone needs to reach more people, develop male leadership, and stabilize the finances. The cost of building or maintaining a new facility would exceed the church’s resources.

On July 15 and 16, the President and Executive Vice President of Baptist Church Planters, Stephen Little and David Whipple, met with our church to guide us through our next steps and to give us recommendations in going forward. We concluded that the church should liquidate its properties and start afresh! The number one priority is to determine what are the essentials for the ministry, then develop a plan to find and fulfill those essentials. Then as the Lord blesses the spiritual and numerical growth of the church, we would seek His will for a permanent meeting place.

The short-term plan is to restart Cornerstone and follow the five-step church planting process established by the Mission. This process includes a Mission administrator coaching the missionary (me) and the group. There are clearly defined steps and markers that must be reached before moving to the next step. We plan to retain the monies in our building fund and put them toward a building in the future as the Lord directs our path.

I want to assure you that Cornerstone is committed to ministering to broken lives as we have always done. Our ministry essentials are worship, fellowship, evangelism and discipleship. We will continue to minister to men, women, boys and girls in Pennsauken, Camden, and surrounding communities.

Our present Sunday morning worship, Thursday evening prayer meeting and our men’s and ladies’ Wednesday’s spiritual growth groups are all going very well. God is working and changing lives! We had two first-time guests in our Sunday morning service on Zoom this month.

Please pray for Joseph Barr (cancer), Janet’s mom (recuperating from surgery), Janet’s sister in South Carolina (recuperating from Covid-19), Marge (salvation), and God’s direction for our church.

Thanks again for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for us and the ministry here in Pennsauken/Camden. May God richly bless you.

A Pinch of SALT – Senior Adults Living Triumphantly – BCP Retirees

  • Tom and Carol Phillips – Tom continues to format and prepare programs to take to the radio station on Chuuk as soon as travel is allowed. Currently there is a long list of people trying to return to their homes on Chuuk so it may be a long wait for the Phillips. The churches they are affiliated with on the islands continue to conduct services online. Pray that the Phillips would be able to travel to Chuuk to update the radio programs in the near future.
  • Jack Farley – Jack is so thankful for his two daughters who help see to his needs as he is mostly blind. Due to the blindness, Jack’s activities are quite limited but he continues to rejoice in the Lord.
  • Patricia Hicks – Please be in prayer for Pat and her family. Pat has been hospitalized four times this year with colon cancer surgeries and related complications. Her son, Steve, was diagnosed with two brain tumors last week. He will have two separate surgeries to deal with them. As can be expected, Pat is quite concerned for her family during this difficult time and is requesting prayer from her mission family.