On Tuesday, May 26th, Dr. Mike Peck suffered a heart attack. It was discovered that he has three severe blockages. Dr. Peck is not strong enough to withstand the surgery to insert stents or have the needed open-heart surgery. The team of doctors have decided to allow Mike to go home to be with family until God calls him Home to meet his Savior and to be reunited with his Karen. Cards may be sent to his home: 240 Forest Street, Wellington, OH 44090.

Jim and Janice Mitchell – Church Planters at Gospel Life Church in Fort Collins, CO

Tuesday, June 2

Crazy days we are living in, but God is in control and we find our hope in Him.

We will be meeting this Sunday in a park for our service and a talk about our church’s future. Please pray that God would give us wisdom and unity. This is a critical time for us. You are a great blessing as a support team, and I pray that you are doing well during these days of turmoil.

Herb and Wanda Taylor – Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries

Prayer Letter

To say that these are unusual times is certainly an understatement. Little did we know what 2020 would hold!

On March 1, we visited several Hispanic churches in the Atlanta area. That morning our hearts melted to see a church family worshipping in a crowded house, and that evening we visited another Hispanic ministry where we sought to encourage the pastor and his wife in the midst of trying times. And, though we just “dropped in,” moments before each service began Herb was asked to preach . . . so it’s a good thing he is always ready to “preach, pray or die” in English or Spanish!

On March 9-11 we participated in the annual conference of Mission Gospel Ministries Int. Herb challenged the missionaries with a church planting presentation.

And then life dramatically changed for all of us! On March 12 we flew to Cleveland, OH, to participate in our council meetings at Baptist Church Planters, but we decided to return home via a rental car on March 19.

Though we were scheduled to attend the wedding of one of our BCP missionary kids on March 21 in Florida, we instead rejoiced via livestream. So this sight has become a regular scene in our home as we have connected with our ministry partners, prayed with our BCP missionaries, given pre-marital counseling, shared Scriptural challenges for deacons’ meetings and prayer meetings, encouraged fellow ministry workers and the list goes on. Ministry continues . . . just differently!

Like you, we have sought for ways to minister to many through these unusual days. Prior to Resurrection Day, we delivered bags of homemade cookies to our neighbors along with a note of encouragement and an invitation to watch the “JESUS” Sight-n-Sound Production.

We were also blessed to have a grad student stay with us for six weeks. Since she calls us her “South Carolina” parents, it only seemed right for us to share the “shelter-in-place” challenge together. We will soon rejoice to see her get married here in Greenville on June 30.

In addition, on our home front we are thankful for the Lord’s protection as this spring 14 tornados stormed through the South Carolina upstate. One of them hit just three blocks from our home. But, we have to admit in spite of these unusual times, we have enjoyed having less travel and instead just being home for a change.

Praise the Lord for . . .

  • Good health during this time.
  • Continued ministry support.
  • Being able to “virtually” see so many friends, missionaries and supporters from around the country.

Please pray for . . .

  • Wisdom to know when we should schedule any future ministry trips.
  • Several ministry workers who are facing real discouragement.
  • Preparations for our NCHO meeting on September 25 in Greenville, SC.
  • Our BCP missionaries, Miguel and Ana Quintana serving in Seminole, FL. Several of their church members are struggling financially due to the pandemic.

Chip and Karen Wood – Director of BCP Youth Ministry

Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partner,

The stay-at-home order in recent weeks has proven to be a very profitable time for us to sharpen our ministry “tool-box” as well as communicate with churches, leaders, and ministry partners. We have enjoyed and invested in deeper ways with reaching out to our neighbors, friends, and family and although we have definitely missed traveling, we are thankful for the time to slow down a little and “recharge”.

God has continued to supply our needs. Understandably, some financial partners have had to drop our support, however, new ones have been added and others have sent one-time gifts. We can tell you story after story of how God continues to provide for our needs at just the perfect time. He is an amazing, sovereign God.

Chip recently wrote an article for an upcoming Baptist Church Planter’s publication. It summarizes some good thoughts on how the COVID- 19 pandemic exposed some hard truths about the value of youth ministry in our churches. Look for it in the coming weeks.

Our Johnathon and Gabby’s wedding is still taking place this Saturday, June 6th in Indianola, IA. Their beautifully planned wedding has been changed to a private ceremony with just immediate family due to Gabby’s mom still being in the hospital. Pray that the Lord will be honored and that He would encourage Johnathon and Gabby’s hearts as they start their marriage. They have remained strong in their faith and testimony and we praise the Lord for that. Please continue to pray; see the prayer details in the left sidebar. Johnathon and Gabby’s new address is: 206 NE Abilene Road, Ankeny, IA 50023.

Our hearts are very heavy for several of our family and friends who have experienced unexpected loss and turmoil in recent weeks. Please partner with us in praying for those on our prayer list.


  • Safety in traveling to and from Iowa June 3-8.
  • Wedding on Saturday, June 6th.
  • Gabby’s mom remains in a hospital neurological unit. She continues to be very confused and unsettled from a brain infection.
  • Dr. Michael Peck recently had a heart attack and is in Cleveland’s cardiac unit awaiting open-heart surgery, however, his heart is very weak. Please pray!
  • Johnathon has been unemployed due to COVID-19. He has found some part-time work, however, please pray that the Lord will provide for his and Gabby’s needs.
  • Gabby and her family have experienced much loss with the death of her grandfather, an aunt, and a family friend in recent weeks.
  • Chip’s 26-year-old nephew went home to be with the Lord unexpectedly this week. Please pray for Angie and her family.


  • Praise the Lord for continued profitable meetings via virtual connections.
  • Praise the Lord for those who have sent financial gifts.
  • Praise the Lord for the time to rest and refocus in recent weeks.
  • Praise the Lord that Karen was able to finish teaching piano lessons for the year that ended with a Virtual Recital. You can view it by clicking the link.

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” Ephesians 6:10

Tim and Marsha Weeks – Director of Missionary Care

Prayer Letter


  • We continue to rejoice in God’s answers to prayer. We and our daughter, Hannah, who is a nurse have stayed healthy. She has continued to go to work because her job is essential. Praise for the Lord who heals and makes whole (Jehovah Rapha).
  • Praise God with us for being able to participate in prayer meetings, Bible studies and other meetings via Zoom whether in Arizona or Indiana.
  • Praise the Lord He is the ‘Restorer of the broken in spirit’ Ps. 51.
  • Also continue to praise the Lord for all the answers to prayer as He provides, (Jehovah Jireh), for our daughter, Esther, who was without an income during the time of quarantine.
  • Tim had the privilege of preaching to the church in Martinique via Zoom. His parents planted this church. There were folks from France, Guadeloupe and the USA that joined the virtual meeting in Martinique. The fellowship after the service was wonderful. It was a blessing update on how God has been working in their lives. France was resuming business the 11th, so they were all thankful to be going back to work the next day.


  • Thank you for praying for our son, Reuben, during his deployment separating him from his family and for spiritual growth in Michelle and Reuben’s lives. We pray that both Caleb (7) and Wesley (5) will understand and embrace the Good News early in their lives. Also ask God to help Abby (now 9) as she grows in her understanding of the Christian life.
  • Be praying that Rebekah will be strengthened spiritually and physically through her pregnancy. Thankfully, morning sickness is subsiding.
  • Please continue to be in prayer with us for our BCP missionaries as they creativity shepherd, teach and minister to their church family with continued and varied restrictions in each state.
  • Pray that we would display the fruit of the Spirit while staying with Michelle and our grandchildren.
  • Please pray with us as we plan our travels for the fall of this year. With the restrictions that change from state to state it has been interesting to see God’s plans unfold. Pray as we make appropriate adjustments.