Please pray for President Jon and Jen Jenks – Jen has fully recovered from covid; Jon is still dealing with symptoms, headache primarily.

Miguel and Annie Quintana – church planters at Iglesia Bautista at Starkey Road, Seminole, FL

  • World missions.
  • Spiritual protection for church families.
  • Latin Ladies’ Meeting, Saturday MAY 22nd. It is a celebration for each mother.
  • Those who are traveling: Rene & Katty Sotolongo, Blanca Molina’s return from Colombia, Cornell Family’s Trip to Colombia possibly in June.
  • Protection for Israel, the holy nation.
  • Evangelism and discipleship opportunities.
  • Health of: Valerie Gray, María Porras, Valerie’s nephew, Ana Quintana, Graciela Cruz, Gloria Giraldo.
  • Immigration Process of: Robledo Family, Parra Family and Father of Roberto Porras.
  • Débora Cornell, as she is in her last semester of studies at Emmaus College.

Tim and Marsha Weeks – Church Facilitator and Director of Missionary Care, living in Lafayette, IN

  1. Please pray for our preparations for our up and coming road trip West. We are supposed to leave on May 18 and return June 28th. But we are both dealing with back issues, and Marsha recently got into poison ivy! Pray for God’s relief.
  2. Please remember to pray for our builders, the Howard’s and the Stevenson’s as they do mostly indoor work. This is their busy season, and don’t forget to pray for the Stevensons as they prepare for their baby’s arrival.
  3. Please pray for our spiritual growth in the knowledge of His Word and His Will.
  4. Please pray that all our partners will have wisdom and strive to walk worthy of their calling in Christ Jesus.

Pray for discernment for investments (discipleship, partnership, friendship,…) in others made with eternal values in view.

Jimmy and Abby Stevenson – builders with ChurchCare Construction

  1. Getting the truck fixed
  2. Smooth pregnancy for Abby thus far
  3. Reached 45% funding

Prayer Requests:

  1. Baby delivery to go well with no complications
  2. Strength for Abby and Jimmy during birth, and being able to be a light to those at the birth
  3. Continued safety on the jobsite
  4. In May we will be speaking at 2 churches in the area: Berea Baptist in Berea, OH, and Calvary Baptist in Oberlin, OH

Scott and Marti Owen – Director of Intentional Transitional Ministry
We just got chased off our roof project by some rain!  Typical Iowa weather :). The nice weather had us working on yard and out-buildings.  We got a new roof on the small shed and we were temping the very old garage with tarps.   We try to keep some pictures and updates on this page:

We trust that this Mother’s Day weekend is filled with grace.  Marti experiences now her 3rd one without her Mom and we are unable to get with the kids.  But she loves to work on her yard and see improvement to the property, so she is encouraged!

We have had some response to our Last Dozen already.  BCP is updating their website and the whole giving experience.  You can check it out at

We also have a page on the Last Dozen partner promotion.  You can find it at

Here is the link to our April prayer update.  Thanks for praying and for your investments and your words of encouragement!


SALT updates (Senior Adults Living Triumphantly!)

Richard and Sharon Tyson:  Sharon shared that although Richard has dementia, he “enjoys reading” and “has a great prayer life.” She shared that she had a full knee replacement and that the Lord has allowed her to be pain-free.  She has almost completed the physical therapy needed!


From the home office:

We received some 2020 free Lifeway adult Bible study material using the Christian Standard Bible. Most have the leader’s guide as well as large print.  There are several of each. Please email Ginny if you are interested (