Jim and Sharon Solomon – Appointees from Gardena, CA, hospitalized in Loma Linda, CA

Thursday, Oct. 17

Sharon and I would like to THANK YOU so much for all your prayers and gifts that have helped us out during the last three months.  Yes, you may have guessed it I’m out of the hospital!  I got out this afternoon.

Please continue to pray.  I’m still weak and do not have a lot of stamina.  Some of that might be due to my amazing weight loss program: down 75 pounds–not a diet I would recommend!

Praise the Lord, I was able to get my drain tube out this morning so I don’t have a bag going around with me everywhere.

Jerry and Jackie Hopkins – Sycamore Community Baptist Church in Byron Center, MI

Prayer Letter

Some of our praises

  • For our health – it is good with pills and exercise.
  • For our wealth – even though we were sequestered like you.
  • For being able to get to some of our supporting churches this October.  What a joy to share the blessings of starting a new work like we have in Dorr, Michigan.
  • For safety.  While traveling out east to West Virginia and North Carolina we ran into rain most of the time.  We ended the trip in North Carolina at Ben and Sara’s (our daughter) and helped put in some fencing.  With falling rain and clay soil, it became a sticky situation!  The best part was to be able to enjoy all the sweet fellowship with prayer buddies. We were able to praise the Lord for their care and prayers over the years.
  • For the work here, which is steady in attendance. Our facilities hinder areas of ministry, especially to our babies which have no nursery.  The Sunday School rooms also have no partitions or doors to keep noises and disruptions down during class time.

Some of our prayer requests

  • The work here in Dorr, Michigan, is a little different.  The things we need seem to be out of our reach.  Land is really expensive.  We need land and architectural plans so that we can apply for grants from organizations who want to help build a New Testament church.  We also need the timing to be right so they know we are serious about establishing a work for the Lord.
  • Another area of thought would be to rent or buy another building which would be a better situation for growth.  We need prayer partners like you to pray so that we don’t waste time and money pursuing the wrong option.
  • I end the prayer thoughts with Romans, chapter 16.  There we see twenty-seven people named by Paul who were helping get church plants started in Rome.  He prayed for them.  We need to pray for each other!

Herb and Wanda Taylor – Hispanic Coordinators

Wednesday, October 23

Where we’ve been:

In Moravia, NY, at Dresserville Bible Baptist Church their mission field includes several Hispanic young men working on the dairy farms. These men, new to the U.S., are seeking to learn English and adjust to a new culture. We rejoiced to see the efforts of the church family and Pastor Tom Rofe as they sought to communicate Christian love (sometimes in “Spanglish”) to these needy young men. In Seminole, FL, Miguel and Annie Quintana (one of our Hispanic missionary couples with Baptist Church Planters) lead a fledgling church plant presently meeting at Starkey Road Baptist Church. The Quintanas desire to lead the church plant to become a “graduated” independent church in the next few years. Please pray for the needed financial support and spiritual encouragement for Miguel and Annie.

Where we are:

We are presently renting a small house in Greenville, SC. Some friends of ours, missionaries to Uruguay, agreed to let us rent their house from month-to-month while we continue our search for a house to purchase in Greenville.

Tom and Carol Phillips – Servants Baptist Church in Camden, NY

Prayer Letter

Praise God the notes for the three classes I will be teaching in the Philippines are completed and have been sent out to be translated. It may sound easy to develop these notes after having preached for over 40 years, but most of my preaching, even in Chuuk, was preaching through a book of the Bible. It has been a long time since Bible Institute and Bible College where the presentation of doctrines were presented systematically. It was challenging and rewarding to once again systematically outline some basic Bible doctrine.

Carol and I will leave Greensboro, North Carolina, on November 11th and arrive in Manila early in the morning on November 13th. I will be preaching that Sunday evening and then starting the first week of classes on Monday. The class will begin at 8:00 in the morning and continue until noon then a 2-hour break and back to teaching until 4:00 in the afternoon. The classes are for five days and then there will be a Saturday break.  I will preach again on Sunday evening.

The following week on Friday I will leave Manila proper for a pastor’s conference on Saturday.  Twenty pastors have already signed up to attend. That Sunday we will be with Jade in his church plant on the island of Talin.  From there it is back to teaching the following week, after which we have a week to have some dental work done before leaving for Chuuk.

We have some new equipment to take for the radio station and I will spend time working with the men on the automation equipment and also cleaning the broadcast equipment. After Christmas we will be changing over from Christmas programming to regular programming. We should arrive back in the states on December 30th in Richmond, Virginia.

Medical News:

The last couple of months have been unusually busy.  We have had a variety of doctors’ appointments and tests. For some time Carol has had coughing spells. She was just diagnosed with a form of COPD and is now on medication to help with the problem. We trust this will solve the problem.

For years I’ve had problems with acid reflux and the last scope they did showed that I have Barrett esophagus. There was no indication of cancer but they will continue to monitor it. One good side effect is that I’ve lost eleven pounds.

Servants Baptist Church:

A man and his family will be visiting Servants Baptist Church here in New York on October 31st as they are considering whether this is God’s direction for them.

Fred and Marie Henzler – retired missionary in Perry, GA

Tuesday, October 22

Marie had a stroke. I will not go into a lot of details but she fell on Saturday night and again in the morning. I called 911. They took her to the hospital but released her. She could not walk and I could not help her. The doctor came to the house and said she needed to be in the hospital.

When Marie was having some tests the doctor came in the room and said, “You folks have served others and now you’re going to have to learn how to be served.”  I was glad that Marie was not in the room. She dreaded the day when she could not serve.

How are you praying? To someone who does not long to see the Lord Jesus, this may sound weird or even cruel but please don’t pray that she would just live. Marie feared almost nothing except going to a nursing home where she would be unable to do anything.

Wednesday, October 23

What a difference one day made. Your prayers are being answered. I went in early this morning and Marie and I had devotions. She prayed. Later she read several verses from the Bible. We reminisced about the things that we had done over our long time together and sometime she smiled.

She had over an hour-long session with a speech therapist. The therapist asked a number of questions. Marie was to answer quickly and correctly. The thing that impressed me most was that she would say some group and have Marie name as many as she could within one minute. One was “animals” and Marie must have listed a hundred in that minute and they were not simple names like dog or cat. The therapist was impressed and so were we. Please keep praying.

Roy and Karen Kinney – Pinecrest Baptist Church in Millbury, MA

Tuesday, October 22

A family fun hayride driven by Pastor Kinney’s FORD tractor, warm cider and donuts, devotions, Harvest Dinner, leftovers for Sunday, a houseful of company, and four services with Dr. David Little of Baptist Church Planters!!!!

Wow, what a full and enriching weekend as we were challenged and encouraged by being together as a church family and hearing God’s Word.  Thank you President Little for taking the time to share with us even though you were needed at home! Your messages spoke to all of us.  Thank you, Uncle Greg, for stopping by to visit us on our busy weekend.  Thank you church Ladies for all the food you prepared. Attendance was in the 60’s and 70’s for the entire weekend of our Fall Conference.

Praise the Lord with us as we just heard news that a child who attended our VBS was recently saved.  He wanted to know how to be in the Good Kingdom and not in the Bad Kingdom (Kingdom Chronicles).  He is 4 1/2 and understood all that he was taught and his personal need of salvation.  His grandmother led him to the Lord just driving down the road and talking with him:)

Continue to pray for Amelia as they plan on inducing her at week 37 (another week away) as she has the pregnancy induced hypertension.  Her counts and levels got better but have the tendency to go way up again.  She is not able to do much and is monitored twice a week.  Baby looks good so far; just keep praying for mommy:)

Jim and Janice Mitchell – Mountain Shadows Baptist Church in Pueblo West, CO

Tuesday, October 22

Good Sunday with just about 100 people so it was very crowded and a mixture of excitement for the crowd and some complaint about the lack of room.  Thankfully, the builders are making good progress – pouring the floors this week and framing next with a team from Wisconsin coming to help.  We will be moving out of our building for an extended period starting Dec 1, so please pray for people to adjust to a different building for a few months.  We will be limited as there won’t be any class rooms available for children’s ministry.  We will, however, continue JOY Clubs in the classroom section of our building that we can still have access to.

I am also excited to announce a large increase in our faith promise giving for next year.  Last year we had promises for $6,500 and the promises for next year are over $10,500.  We believe as we continue to give to ministries outside of ours that God will take care of our needs and He certainly is.

Our future goals are to finish the building, call a full-time pastor and graduate the church from mission status.  We are working ourselves out of a job here, though we anticipate some overlap through the transition of leadership. Thank you for your encouragement and support.