Chip and Karen Wood – Director of BCP Youth Ministries
October 12
The work of the ministry has continued, and we are thrilled to see churches across the country returning to normal services and activities with prayer, diligence, and carefulness. Ministry travels have taken us to:

  • Glen Baptist in Watkins Glen, NY for teacher training as well as Sunday services.
  • Calvary Baptist in Oberlin, OH for Sunday services.
  • Council Meetings at the home office in Grafton, OH, which were held virtually.
  • Bethel Baptist Church, Minto, New Brunswick, Canada for virtual teacher training.
  • Faith Baptist Tabernacle in Sherburne, NY for teacher training and Sunday services.
  • First Baptist Church in Grove Cty, PA for Sunday services.

The BCP Presidential transition from Steve Little to Jon Jenks has been seamless. The two men are uniquely gifted in different ways, so we are very blessed to be the recipients of both men and their leadership. We will certainly miss Steve Little as he and Becky have retired and relocated to New York, however, there is an excitement moving forward as Chip works with President Jon to advance churches in the area of discipleship training. In fact, they are headed to Iowa this week for a Discipleship Retreat in which six churches will participate. Please pray for the BCP team of leaders as they travel and invest their time and energy into this weekend.

We are humbled and thankful for our financial partners and we pray regularly for you who partner with us. Our support level is at 90% and we have great reason to rejoice. Thank you for praying!!

Our children are each doing well. Elizabeth is in her fourth year of teaching high school. She loves her students at First Baptist Christian School in Elyria. We are thankful that the school is able to maintain a normal daily class schedule with all students in the classroom and that they have been free of sickness.

Johnathon and Gabby have settled into marriage. Johnathon is working for USIC/811 and enjoying it. Gabby just completed a beautiful senior music recital at Faith Baptist Bible College and is looking forward to student teaching next semester in the Ankeny/Des Moines area. They live close enough to Gabby’s family to be a support and encouragement in regard to her mom’s illness.

Katherine has opted to use her senior year of high school to take online college classes while working at Dunkin Donut. Praise the Lord that she was able to obtain a reliable car, debt-free. She has several options for college next fall and is seeking the Lord’s direction.

We are thankful that our family is healthy and moving forward with various commitments. Karen teaches weekly piano lessons while continuing to work part-time as a receptionist. Her schedule has allowed her to be with family back in New York often after the devastating loss of her brother. The shock and processing of grief have been a difficult road to travel.

We are continually grateful to you. The blessings of the Lord are abundant and we are humbled over the privilege of serving Him.

Tom and Carol Phillips – retired but still in His service, living in Fredericksburg, VA
October 14
There is not a lot new with the CCP Virus (As some call it) and how it affects us. We put our mask on, take it off, put the mask on, and so it goes.  I have been teaching a Sunday School class for people my age and this study gives a break from downloading files and adjusting them for use when we are able to go to Chuuk.  At the present it does not look like we will be able to make the trip until the first of the year.  We are doing fine.  The first of next week we will be attending a Pastors Conference that will have two speakers that provide programs for the radio ministry in Chuuk.

The good news is that the radio station is still operating.  The computer is set up so when it runs out of programs it will start to repeat beginning with the first program in the file.  That repeating would have started in July and will continue until December when a different computer will be put online and the programing will be mostly Christmas programs and Christmas music.  At the end of December there will be another change of computers returning to the programs that were heard in July/November.  We have all new programs ready to go, but need clearance to travel to Chuuk.  With the CCP Virus there are many things to pray about including, that our churches in the States will return to normal and that people will not have gotten used to watching their church services on Livestreaming and will be content to stay home.   Watching a church service is not the same as being there in person and the fellowship that comes from being there.

We received the following letter from Jade (Phillipines).  By way of information the building they were using for their church the owner broke the lease and they now are meeting in a location that is a bit further, but has more space.  They had to do some repairs to make the building usable, but that has all been accomplished.  Jade wrote: pray you are doing well today! The church and I have prayed and talked about you during our prayer time yesterday. I have asked them to continously pray for your health and recovery following the recent medical conditions you have experienced. I told them (as before) that you are my father in the faith and that they should help me care and pray for you. They said that they are praying for you. They also said that they consider you as their grand father in the faith as well. Our friend pastors would be praying for you as well.

The medical condition he wrote of was that the pharmacy would not refill a prescription and I went into withdrawal and ended up in the ER and hospital observation for a day.  Back on the medication and things are fine now. Thank you for praying for us.

A Pinch of SALT – Senior Adults Living Triumphantly – BCP Retirees

  • Pat Hicks – is recovering from cancer surgery in July. The doctors believe they were able to get it all. However, please pray for the family as now Pat’s son, Steven, has brain cancer and is now on hospice care. Pat lives with her daughter, Julie, and her husband, and Steven has now joined them in the home. Pat still needs to have surgery related to her aorta which will come up probably in November.
  • Jan Paton – I truly am thankful for all of you in the BCP office, and for your faithful prayers on my behalf. 2020 marks the fiftieth year of serving with our missions agency, (FBHM, BMNA, BCP, etc.) Being able to continue serving the Lord is such a great blessing. My health is good for which I am thankful. We have not been able to start our Sunday School yet, and I do so miss seeing the children and being able to teach them. I am so looking forward to the time that we will be allowed to continue our children and teen ministries.
  • Jean Morse – Thank you for your prayers. Requests: Patience as I can’t do what I’d like to do. Salvation for my great grand kids. Thanks for my daughter and son-in-law for their help.
  • Wilmer and Donna Richmond – Donna has cancer going into the last stage. She is in pain. We put a hospital bed in for her last Saturday. I teach adult class at church. Please pray that God will work a way for me to teach the class. Last Sunday I was not able to go to church because of not sleeping well Saturday night. I am trying to take care of Donna. My daughters are helping.