Please pray for our VP of Operations, Eric and Jacy Wilmeth and family. Jacy was induced today. Let’s pray for their son’s safe delivery!

Please pray for the family of David and Debra Morgan. Debra went Home to be with the Lord yesterday. Cards may be sent to David Morgan, 4794 E Johnson Ave., Port Clinton, OH. Monday, November 22nd, 11:30 – 1:00 pm will be calling hours followed by the funeral at 1:00 pm.

Jim and Janice Mitchell – church planters, Grace Fellowship Church in Preston, ID
Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who sent sympathy cards for the recent passing of Bud. We really appreciate your support and encouragement during this time. We are thankful that Dad got his wish to go home to heaven and see Jesus. He had days when he was a little frustrated that God was “making” him stay here when he was ready to go. Our hope in Jesus makes these times so much easier.
We noticed that many of you did not have our current address so just wanted to update you. We now live at 1060 N 100 E Preston, ID 83263.
Last week we were able to visit my Dad at my sister’s place in TX as well as my son and his family with the grandkids. Jared, our son, preached here at Grace Fellowship and did a real good job. Many people were helped by his sermon. We are very thankful for God’s abundant care and love for us and our little church here in a very lost community. Thank you for your ongoing prayer and financial support

Miguel and Ana Maria Quintana – church planters at Iglesia Bautista – Starkey Road Baptist Church in Largo, FL

Dear friends, here again with you sharing our prayer letter. The joy and fresh grace of God be with you. Thank you very much for your faithful prayers in Hispanic ministry here in Florida. We pray that you enjoy all the blessings of God.

May: I attended my biannual visit to my cardiologist, after some scans, he discovered that the battery in my heart has four years left, and if I change it in time, it will last up to 100 years according to my doctor. Thank the Lord I have remained stable and energetic. My wife continues with sleeping problems, but thank God she is taking a medicine that is helping.

Our sons Jonathan & Abigail continue to work as teachers teaching English to Korean children, they are stable despite the situation with him (Covd19). South Korean churches have been closed due to the massive contagion situation due to the Covd19 pandemic. In Seoul they met a young lady, Nolia Pingo, whom Jonathan taught at Sunday school in Waterloo, Iowa. She is serving the Lord on a short-term mission trip in Seoul, Korea.

I was able to bring two Cuban immigrants to present the gospel to them. The Lord touched their life and we were able to lead them to the gospel. They were invited by Carolina who baptized at the beginning of this 2021. They are Carolina’s friends and she invited them to church on Sundays so that they continue to listen to the word of God. In the same way, I started the Biblical Homiletics classes where I am training three men so that they have the right tool to present the Word well with more security and effectiveness.

June: We continue our studies and prayer meetings for Zoom. The task becomes more difficult and exhausting, many tend to lower their guard in their relationship and communion with God. This has been a trying time for many Christians. Despite passing the test of lack of attendance in the church due to the Covid, we presented the movie: “The Favorite” (the Story of the son of a pastor) we filled a movie theater just for us. Seventy-four people attended who were very encouraged to see the Christian movie. One of the women invited received Christ at the end of the film and another of the guests are living on Sundays at church.

Miss Valery Gary who is part of the ministry here. She has been very ill for more than a year with a lung problem and due to Covid she was unable to return to church. This month I visit us on a few occasions. She was a missionary in Mexico and she speaks Spanish well, she is still in very delicate health. Please pray for her healing to breathe easier, gain weight, and have more strength and energy to continue serving the Lord.

JULY: We celebrated Father’s Day with lunch after the service, the ladies prepared delicious plates of food and decorated the room especially for the parents. We had a great turnout and many brought their family and friends to the event.

On July 31 the ladies had their meeting and 26 women participated to have a wonderful time of fellowship. It was a beautiful time of prayer, study of the Word of God, fellowship celebrating birthdays and having dinner together. Two of the ladies who are leaders of the team became American citizens: María Campos and Gloria Guarin. Thank God for them.

AUGUST: During this month, four families were infected with Covid-19 at work. Three were seriously ill and in the hospital for a time. Some are still in recovery. Here in the state the case of covid19 was raised. In the American church several were affected. Pray for those who are going through trying times. Here we continue to keep the protocol every time we meet to worship God.

We try to meet each month with our youngest son David who lives an hour away. He is very busy in his new job in Tampa, we try to make the most fruitful time as a family. Our son David is dating a girl whom he met through a contact at his work. They are very much in love and we are praying a lot that God will dispose of His will in them in their courtship time to get to know each other better.

SEPTEMBER: We traveled to Colombia 3- 30th. On the 5th we celebrated my wife’s birthday with the families that live in Bogotá. We enjoy being with Mommy, my siblings, friends, and pastors. The first week we went to a place in the mountains, very beautiful; We had no internet, no phones, it was a resting place we really needed it for a week. I immediately had molar surgery, thanks I found a good orthodontist, I had to rest for 7 days. It was also a time to share the good news of salvation with our families and acquaintances.


  • Spiritual growth for new believers
  • Prayer for new members and new visitors.
  • Our monthly meetings with the servers & Ladies team.
  • Wednesday prayer meeting for Zoom.
  • For the people who are receiving discipleship, Families Robledo Marín, Pedro Campos, Familia Martínez, & & Parra.
  • For the Hispanic community in different situations, God use us to carry the gospel.
  • Pray for our health since we are in another stage of life.
  • For the families that have their immigration process.


  • For our trip to Colombia and for having been able to see our families.
  • The opportunities we have had to evangelize in Colombia and here in Florida.
  • By the courtship of David & Nicole.
  • For God’s care for our children Jonathan & Abigail in South Korea.

Tim and Marsha Weeks – Church Facilitation Director with a Missionary Care emphasis
Prayer Requests

  1. Please continue to pray for Tim and Marsha to have wisdom as they both have ongoing weekly discipling meetings.
  2. Also please remember to pray for the Worthingtons as they serve in Hamlin, NY. Marsha growing up as a New Yorker can relate to the cultural challenges they are confronted with in their ministry. We are asking God to break down those barriers and for the gospel (which is the power of God unto salvation) to take root in that region of NY.
  3. Please pray for our supporting churches that God will bless their faithfulness in their partnership with us. Our desire is to visit the rest of them in our travel plans for 2022.
  4. Pray for our travels to NY, VT and MA, especially since snow is starting to fly. It is not unusual during this time of the year for these areas we are going to visit.
  5. Please pray also for our BCP office personnel as they have had extra work, and needing to adjust their schedules along with daily responsibilities.
  6. Concerning our family: Please pray for Hannah who will travel to AZ in order to help Reuben and Michelle as they prepare for their move to NM with the USAF. Reuben would also appreciate prayer as his family adjusts to these changes in their lives. The Harkleroad family has a new driver on the road – Ben. The Briggs family of five are expecting to add another in May. The newlyweds are quickly coming up on their first anniversary. Esther and Marsha are almost finished going through their book study together of The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. Each member in our family is grateful for and welcomes supplications made on their part.


SALT! Our dear Senior Adults Living Triumphantly!

Please continue to pray for Carol Ciocca.  She is dealing with a lot of pain from the boot she is wearing due to a fractured foot.  She is going to seek a second opinion before Thanksgiving.  Pray for easing of pain and patience for her.