The BCP Administration and Staff is saddened at the passing of Pastor David Dunkin. David and Verna were BCP missionaries for many years. They also helped as volunteers in the office by helping with stuffing receipts and prayer letters as long as their health would allow. We all rejoice that David’s earthly struggle is over and he is with his Savior, but he will be missed here at the office. The visitation will be at Abbe Road Baptist Church in Elyria on Thursday from 2-4 and 6-8. The funeral will be Friday at noon. Cards may be sent to Verna at 825 Jamestown, Elyria, OH 44035.

Jimmy Stevenson – Builder

Prayer Letter

I want to first thank all of you who have partnered with me in ministry. God has been very good and gracious to me. There are many things that God is doing in my life, and it is great to see them happening. He continues to prepare me to help Build Churches and Build Lives.

The last time I wrote I was in Massachusetts finishing up the project there and just getting into Kingdom Come Training (KCT). Since then I have finished the training part of KCT, and the team has moved to First Baptist Church of Niles, OH. We are building two new classrooms, a new entryway, a carport, and part of a new roof. Please pray for safety and that God will work in all the details.

Even though the others on our team (the Howards and Cornells) are in Niles, I am traveling to raise prayer and financial partners in ministry. So far, my team has 90 individuals, and I am about 15% of the way to the needed $4,400 a month. I’ll keep you posted as my team grows.

I am traveling to different churches in the next few months. I was home in Pennsylvania for a while, and now I am in Iowa. The weekend of September 21-22, I was at Ankeny Baptist Church for their Missions’ Conference and where they commissioned me to service with Baptist Church Planters. This was a really humbling experience for me. The service reminded me that I am not a great missionary that deserves this; I am still a sinner who needs to kneel at God’s throne every day.

In the weeks ahead I will be at Brunswick Community Church in Illinois, Faith Baptist in Cambridge, Iowa, as well as Slater and Nevada Baptist also in Iowa, followed by trips to Ohio and Wisconsin. Please pray that I would be able to make the trips safely with my truck, that the time in each church would be blessed, and that the Lord would direct me to those He will lead to join my team.

If you want to know more about how you can have a part in Building Churches and Building Lives, please feel free to call me (724-456-8293) or email me ( I would love to talk about the wonderful things that God is doing.

Roy and Karen Kinney – Pinecrest Baptist Church in Millbury, MA

Wednesday, Oct. 2


  • We had 24 in our home for our Fall Family Night Kickoff.
  • We’ve had visitors coming and going in our home. Uncle Greg from PA, Ben and Lexi (foster twins) for a visit, and Amanda from church for an overnight stay.
  • Praising the Lord for more visitors to our services! The family of five continues to attend and we had a new couple visit on Sunday who recognized Kurt from delivery work through WB Mason. We are thankful for returning and new visitors!
  • Our Family was able to go to Maine to see family and get the Shatney’s wood in for the winter. A trip to the Fryeburg Fair topped it off on such a lovely fall day!


  • Chris Hamel was in the hospital over the weekend and is now home needing to recover from viral meningitis. Please pray for this dear family.
  • Romeo Tamburro is in ICU from a fall hitting his head and fracturing his hip. He can’t even remember his fall and wasn’t able to think through getting help. Pray for his expected recovery and for Anthony as he continues to care for him.
  • Continued prayer for our land closing as we wait for the buyers due diligence and town approvals.

 Tim and Marsha Weeks – Director of Missionary Care

Prayer Letter

Praises and Prayers

  • Pray for the Besteys as they mentor and train leadership for Fellowship Baptist Church in Missour.
  • Pray for the Robinson’s ministry at Cornerstone Baptist Church in New Jersey as they work at this replant ministry.
  • Pray for the leadership training retreats for this fall.
  • Please be praying for us as we continue to make contact to develop relationships and visit with the sending churches and pastors.
  • Please be in prayer for the $268 of monthly support we are short for 2020.
  • Please be in prayer for wisdom for us concerning one of our dear missionaries.
  • Prayer Requests
  • We continue to rejoice in the grace God gives us to come along side believers young in their faith and encourage them in their pilgrimage.
  • Praise God for the graciousness of the sending church pastors of our missionaries who have agreed to meet with us this fall.
  • Praise Our Sovereign Commander of the universe who is our strength and shield for intervening in our lives.
  • Also continue to praise Him for the safety in our travels this past month and year – so far over 37,000 miles traveled.
  • Praise the Lord that He encourages His servants, our missionaries for whom we care, who are experiencing growth spiritually with obedient followers of Christ, as they equip the saints to do the work of the ministry!

Herb and Wanda Taylor – Director of Missionary Care/Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries

Wednesday, October 2

We are busy preparing for our NCHO (National Conference on Hispanic Outreach) meeting this Friday, October 4 here in Greenville, SC.

Please pray:

  • That participants will be encouraged and challenged by the presentations and discussions.
  • That relationships will be built that will enhance ministries across the United States.
  • That we will have strength and wisdom to serve well on this special ministry day.

After seeing the need for ministry leaders (both English and Spanish-speaking) to coordinate efforts in reaching Hispanics for Christ here in the US, we led our first “Hispanic Think Tank” in 2014. From that initial meeting of nine mission agencies, three colleges, one publishing company and twenty pastors and ministry leaders, we gathered ideas, resources and some committee members to help us. Eventually, we expanded the name to NCHO, the National Conference on Hispanic Outreach: a Hispanic Think Tank. NCHO meetings have been held annually in Greenville, SC, as well as in Arizona in 2017 and in California in 2018. Our purpose has been to encourage Hispanic ministries by sharing ideas, resources and purpose and to equip Hispanic ministry leaders by emphasizing expository preaching, discussing current issues and providing free materials.

For more information please visit our website at

SALT – Senior Adults Living Triumphantly – BCP Retirees

  • Emily Elliot – Emily was able to go on vacation with her granddaughter. They went to the Grand Canyon and the Mt. Rushmore. What a joy it was to see God’s creation and man’s creativity. She is asking for prayer for wisdom concerning her hearing.
  • John and Willie Mae Williams – John’s health continues to decline as he struggles with pain and loss of strength. Willie Mae continues to visit shut ins as she is able. This summer brought many visits from family. They ask that we pray for their old home to sell quickly as they have already moved to an apartment.
  • Jim and Sandy Spellman – Please continue to pray for the health of the Spellmans. Jim has been diagnosed with macular degeneration in his left eye and Sandy’s arthritis is flaring up with the wet weather. They continue to witness to both the deaf and hearing community in their area. Pray specifically that they will have a chance to witness with a deaf lady who works a block from their home.