Please continue to pray for Diana Whipple and her family. She is praying that members of her family, those who ministered to them while David was in the hospital, and those who were at the memorial service will be impacted for Christ through David’s testimony. David was a real inspiration with a big heart for service.  He understood the heartbeat of the Mission and will be greatly missed. Click here for the link to David’s memorial service: First Baptist Memorial David Whipple

Rob and Beth Worthington – Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hamlin, NY –
Prayer letter
What a busy summer. I began working with a rec league baseball team. My kids and their parents all called me Pastor Rob, not Coach. I prayed publicly before our games and practices, and never received a single complaint. We will be bringing two of the families into our home to give them their trophies. One of the families is Filipino, so we are planning a Filipino meal for them. Pray for boldness to witness to them as they are in our home. Our church hosted a Family Fair on July 24th. We had a good turnout. A packet from the church was given to every family group that came. I have emailed or written a personal note to each one. Between this event and the Sight & Sound play about Jesus, we had two requests for Bible studies and one for salvation. Please pray for these as I have contacted them several times already without a response back from them. Pray the Holy Spirit opens doors for us into these homes. Our next event was September 10-12 when we hosted our missions conference with two of our supported missionaries and one new young man going to Japan. Please pray for this conference to open the eyes of our people to see what our church’s responsibility is towards our mission as a church. Please pray that our people understand that the mission isn’t just in those we send, but for each of us. I’m not sure if this church has ever had a missions conference in the past, but we will continue to have them each year as a good reminder of our personal responsibility as believers in carrying out God’s mission in our community. On the family front, my wife and I had the opportunity to go on vacation with some friends to New Hampshire’s White Mountains. It was a good time of relaxation. We also had a chance to go to PA to visit my mom, who has Alzheimer’s and is not doing very well. I was also able to visit the family of my youth pastor from when I was a kid. My youth pastor passed away as I was leaving from my visit. Please pray for the Lee Hollenbach family in the loss of a good husband, father, etc, good teacher and preacher of the Word, and good example of what a Christian ought to be. He fought the good fight and finished his course – He has already received his crown for his love of His Lord!


Tim and Marsha Weeks – Church Facilitation Director with an emphasis on Missionary Care
Prayer requests:

  1. Please continue to pray for Tim to have godly wisdom as he comes alongside to encourage missionaries, pastors and church leadership.
  2. Also please remember to pray for the Solomon’s health challenges and their ministry at Galilean Baptist Church in Fairmont, WV.
  3. Please pray for Tim and Marsha that they will keep learning of the character of God whose grace enables them to trust and obey Him.
  4. Pray for our Fall schedule with new groups who are starting up online training after the retreats Tim was involved with this summer.

Jim and Janice Mitchell – Grace Fellowship Church in Preston, ID
Our church building is under contract for sale but the new owner would like us to stay.  In addition, he is considering making some rooms available to us on the second level that would solve our need for educational space for now.  This is a short term solution but we are still going to keep looking for our own land or building for the long term.

The chamber of commerce sponsored a 9/11, 20th anniversary event, in our city on Saturday.  They asked me to be one of the speakers and to bring a spiritual message.  Only one percent of our town and the entire Cache valley would claim to be evangelical, so the need is great!

We were able to move into our own house and last week our oldest daughter and family successfully moved here. We are very blessed!


Scott and Marti Owen – Church Facilitation Director with a conciliation and ITM emphasis
God reinforced His lesson from last month, that ministry is an opportunity dependent on his grace, by requiring us to miss out on two week’s worth of assignments due to Covid restrictions.  Though our ministry hours  and mileage were fewer in August, we believe your prayers were just as important!
Thank you for praying!

  • The last egg of the last dozen: God supplied the last egg for our carton! We were able to celebrate the finalization of our “pre-field” ministry with our sending church, CrossRoad Baptist!  We are excited to focus on assisting churches and encouraging investment in special projects designed to help churches.
  • Next ITM opportunity: We are in regular communication with churches in transition.  Sometimes the consulting moves into a potential onsite ITM project.  Your prayers have opened the door for one in October!  This would be the fifth project between our missionary partners, the Basingers, and us.
  • Peacemaking: We also have churches that trust us with their challenging issues.  This past month we provided peacemaking consultation with four churches.
  • Teaching and Preaching: Our scheduling in churches can be more focused on providing ministry opportunities.  We still have a few churches considering us for partnership and we still report to our eight partner churches.  However, it is exciting to be able to focus on teaching peacemaking and relationships.
  • Protection: God helped Scott navigate the health issues well.  He avoided any signficant problems and is ready for September’s schedule of ministries.
  • Comfort: God gave grace through another loss.  Scott’s oldest brother, Joe, passed away at the end of the month after a battle with Alzheimer’s.  We have needed extra grace to comfort his 94 year old mom.
  • Stewardship: We had hoped to work on the house project this month, but God had other plans.  We have been encouraged by friends and God’s grace.  He has taken great care of us!

Prayer Requests:

  • Leadership Retreats:  Scott missed the Nebraska retreat, but is excited to be at retreats September 24,25; October 8,9; 15,16; 22,23; 29,30.  These are excellent opportunities to minister to churches and develop collaborations.
  • Churches in Need:  Please pray as we continue to assist churches in conflict or transition.


SALT – Senior Adults Living Triumphantly!

Please pray for the family of Donna Richmond of West Virginia.  Donna was promoted Home last week. She and husband, Wilmer, are former church planting missionaries.