Our Philosophy

2014 to present

Regarding the Church:  BCP views the church as the program of God on earth for this age; therefore, our purpose for existence is to facilitate the process for local Baptist churches and the missionaries they send to fulfill the Great Commission. We call this a local church missiology.

For example:  We facilitate the process for Baptist churches to send their missionaries to various parts of the USA.  We also facilitate a team mindset with churches from various parts of the USA to partner with the missionary, his sending church and BCP’s administration so that we collectively work toward graduation of the church plant or church revitalization.  The goal of church graduation from mission status is so that the graduated church may reproduce itself and help other churches to be planted or revitalized. The goal is not growth, but reproduction.


Regarding the Missionary:  As much as we love missionaries and work to serve them in many ways, they are not an entity unto themselves, but rather, are sent ones from local churches.  They are under the authority of the church; therefore, BCP defers to that same authority when we work with missionaries.  When we get the order right, everything falls into place within God’s plan for His church and the missionary it sends.

For example:  If a missionary comes to BCP with a desire for a particular area or region of the USA, BCP does two things.  First, BCP administration works with their sending church to confirm their call to ministry and their desire for the particular region of the USA.  Secondly, BCP facilitates building a team of churches surrounding the targeted area of the USA for the purpose of confirming the need for a new church plant and then to provide on-going support to the new work.  The missionary is key to God’s program of building His Church, but the missionary is not the program. We see the missionary as the sent one of the church so that the church can fulfill the Great Commission.


Regarding the Regions of the USA:  BCP sees the regions of the USA through the lens of Acts 1:8. We see this play out in Acts 11-15.  The church in Jerusalem did not do an independent work in Antioch, but sent Barnabas to work through the church in Antioch, not apart from them.  We see an interaction between the two churches using Paul & Barnabas as well as others to accomplish the desires of the two churches.

As a modern day example: A missionary and his sending church in Rochester NY with a desire to do a ministry in Phoenix AZ, should not bypass the local churches in Phoenix to do an independent work apart from them.  BCP facilitates the process to build partnerships between churches from various regions of the USA. BCP will not facilitate a missionary to do church planting or church revitalization work apart from local church partnerships.