September is an exciting month at Baptist Church Planters.  We have six candidate couples coming and preparing to serve the Lord in some capacity as church planters.  The Council will interview them, which is incredibly inspiring.   Hearing their testimonies, God’s call on their lives and their experience serving the Lord is enjoyable.


The scriptures tell us that “life is but a vapor.” How very true.  Virgil Freyermuth passed into the presence of his Lord last month.  Virgil was instrumental in helping start Baptist Church Planters.  I attended his memorial service in Missouri and heard many testimonies of his willingness to assist others with the simplest of needs.  Virgil was an assister.  He was a detail person and was used of the Lord in developing the details of a constitution, bylaws, policies, and government forms for the new mission, now twenty-one years old.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  It is the wise person who uses the strengths and minimizes the weaknesses.


Our recent campaign has provided for many needs.  For all those who have helped us financially with these projects and for those who give faithfully to missionaries and the Service Center regularly, THANK YOU.