Our Journey to Permanency – Pinecrest Baptist Church

Our journey has been a long circuitous one, a journey of ups and downs, buying and selling, moving and settling, losing and growing, renovating and fixing, faltering and trusting; this journey of Faith taking us one step at a time without seeing the end result.  Yet, looking back and seeing the hand of our Sovereign God in all of it guiding the way, directing our paths, growing our faith, establishing His Church and securing our permanent home.

Man has his own plans and supporting churches do too.  Whether it’s a three or five or seven year plan to completing a Work, God’s plan may look differently than ours.  The quicker plan would have been to stay in our original home that was our meeting place and graduate there when full.  Yet this did not accomplish a long term need for a church meeting place.  It was not handicap accessible or even easily accessible for regular attenders and would not give space for future growth.  Many great memories in the Auburn neighborhood were left behind as we moved to a rental space just around the corner from our newly purchased land in Millbury.

Gina’s Antiques & Auction House became our new home as we creatively used the front rental space for worship, classes, and fellowship times.  Our beautiful new land around the corner lay silent as we continually worked with engineers and the town to get to work on preparing the land for building.  Each year we held our Sunrise Services there in eagerness to worship there permanently.  Each door was closed shut as we pushed to get going on that property.  We were growing weary and losing hope of any possible permanent solution in the near future when the Auction House was offered to us for sale.  Why not stay here and make this your permanent home was what the owner questioned.  Why Not??  Were we really home and not even knowing it?  Then there was the issue of finances with monies tied up on the property.  How do we balance trusting God to provide and being wise stewards of His money?  Add financial stress and differing personal stewardship to a faith journey and it will either weaken or grow a person and church.  We trusted, God provided and we continue to trust in His plan and provision.

So, here we are well into our journey looking back and seeing God’s hand of guidance along this circuitous path to permanency.  We are in the BEST possible location for a local church with the most convenient parking, accessibility, functionality, and hospitality.  Our current Occupancy Permit allows for 500 people in the entire building! We were BLESSED this year by our Mission Agency (Baptist Church Planters/ChurchCare) with $50,000 and the work of the Mission Builders to raise our sanctuary roof and renovate.  We were gifted some monies from a church closing through ChurchCare to carry on God’s work here in the East Coast.  We are meeting our bills through our offerings and have a contract for purchase on our land. We are seeing new families come and join us and personally have grown in ways that we wouldn’t have had to without this journey.

God is so good to each one of us!  Will you rejoice and give thanks with us as we look back and move forward on this journey to permanency and now graduation?  We are thankful for your part in prayer and faithful support as we seek to establish a vibrant, growing Independent Baptist church in the second largest area in all of New England.   See our website for a video on our building project.

The Kinneys/Pinecrest Baptist Church in Millbury, MA        www.pinecrestbaptistmillbury.org