Short-term or Volunteer

Do you or your church want to get involved in a short-term or volunteer ministry?
1.   As an individual or couple
BCP can facilitate a partnership between you and the administration, the field directors, and a lead church planter or builder.  Whether you as an individual or couple need to fulfill internship requirements or are simply looking for a great ministry opportunity, BCP has exciting opportunities to offer.  Our desire is to do all we can to help in the development of individuals and couples for local church ministries.  Does this describe you?
  • An individual or couple called of God with a heart for church planting and a willingness to be part of a church planting team.
  • An individual or couple willing to work under the leadership of a lead church planter or lead builder.
  • An individual or couple commissioned by their local church for service.
  • An individual or couple gifted in special needs for church planting, such as Christian Education, music, discipleship, evangelism, or administration.


  • Approval of sending church pastor.
  • Approval of the Director of Missions, if you are seeking an internship that will fulfill college requirements.
  • Interview with the intern coordinator.
  • Raise the necessary funds to cover expenses.

Ministry Opportunities:

  • Ethnic ministries
  • Sunday School
  • Music ministries
  • Children’s ministry
  • Adult Bible classes
  • Maintenance or building projects
  • Gospel outreach
  • VBS programs
  • Hospital & compassion ministries
  • Digital sound and video editing/recording.
If you are interested in learning more or taking the first step in the process, please fill out our Initial Contact Form.

2.     As a church

If you are a church seeking an opportunity to serve, please begin the process by filling out this short form.  It will be directed to all of our missionaries.  They will respond if the opportunity is something they would like to pursue.
Here is a helpful resource for you as you plan your missions trip.  It is called Planning and Paying for a Missions Trip.  It is written by President Steve Little.