Steps in the Candidate Process

  1. To begin the process, please take the first step by initiating a contact with us.  Please call the office at 440.748.1677 or fill in this Initial Contact Form. Someone will respond to your request for more information.
  2. The potential candidate will fill out a “Preliminary Application.” The Executive Administration will review the application and set up a phone/video conference call with the applicant and their pastor.
  3. If favorable, the candidate will be asked by the Administration to fill out a full “Candidate Application.” At this point, the Candidate Coordinator will work with the candidate to get a completed application and needed references sent to the Applications Committee.
  4. During the process of candidate application, the Administration will invite the potential missionary and their pastor for a visit to the Service Center or video conference call to meet Administration and staff. The purpose is to become better acquainted and for initial conversations with various administrators regarding policies and practices.
  5. All information will go to the Applications Committee for review. The Applications Committee will mainly focus on Testimony, Call to Ministry, Doctrine and References to determine if the candidate is prepared for missionary service. The Applications Committee should request that the missionaries’ pastor participate in this interview.
  6. The Applications Committee will submit, in writing, a recommendation to the Administration. If favorable, the Administration will invite the candidate to appear before the full Council to be interviewed. The Council will hear recommendations from the Administration and Applications Committee. After the Council interviews the candidate, the Council will vote to approve or disapprove the candidate.
  7. If the Council’s decision is favorable, the Council will deem the candidate a Missionary Appointee with BCP. The Administration will provide pre-field training for the new appointee. The Candidate Coordinator and Administration will determine the scope of Candidate School.
  8.  Final approval will be granted upon completion of all Constitutional requirements:  Candidate School, adequate level of support, and commissioning by the sending church.