Tentmakers are laymen or women led of God to serve in church planting. They are those who have faithfully served churches in teaching and leadership roles while being self-supported through secular work.
Tentmakers are used according to the talents God has given. Suggested areas of ministry are: music, administration, Christian education, facilities, discipleship, and evangelism. Some Tentmakers are comfortable in the pulpit and may be used in that area.
Tentmakers serve either full time on a team or part time as needed. Each ministry is worked out with the missionary and their schedule as needed.


Knowledge of the Bible.
Experience in teaching the Bible.

A desire to reach unsaved people with the Gospel.

Wives must meet the Biblical requirements of the wife of a deacon.

Official commissioning by the local church with promise of prayer support.

Completion of BCP’s prescribed orientation and training program which includes application forms and Candidate School.

No divorced person may serve as a Tentmaker.

A willingness to serve under mission leaders who will supervise the ministry, working with the Tentmaker missionary’s sending church and pastor.

Have adequate financial support for specific ministries assigned.
Tentmakers are currently needed to join the teams of several current church plants. If you are interested in more information, please take the first step by filling out this Initial Contact Form.  Someone will be in touch to answer your questions.