Bob and Penny have ministered in Utah for 34 years and have been privileged to assist 3 mission churches, 1 established church and helped build a Christian ranch/camp ministry in central Utah. They have 4 grown children and have been blessed with 8 grand children. They also helped start the horsemanship program at another independent Baptist camp in Utah which they are still involved with on a yearly basis.

Bob has never felt the call to be the lead pastor of a church. We have always come alongside another pastor and ministered together as a team. The Lord has truly blessed us with the privilege of serving with Ron and Kathy Ehmann for the past 10 years at Mountain View Baptist Church in Grantsville, Utah.

Our current church started meeting in a small store front about 14 years ago. Bob has tried to help them develop a heart for reaching the lost in the heart of Mormonism and discipling those who come to Christ. Just last year we purchased a 3-acre property for a future building site. We are currently renting an old Mormon meeting house building for Sunday services. About a year and a half ago God led us to not renew the contract on our two expensive storefront
properties, enabling us to save hundreds of dollars on building space that we wouldn’t have been able to use during Covid shut downs.

2019 was a challenging year with Bob experiencing a major cardiac arrest. This event was very life-changing. He now has a pacemaker and defibrillator. He is adjusting to limitations and some needed changes in the ministry. He has a horse training business that helps to supplement our income and keeps us out in the community making connections with people. He has had to pull back on how many horses he can train as he adjusts to the medications and pacemaker. One of
things we have experienced through this is God’s provision for all the financial needs. He is still providing strength and purpose for the ministry as well.

Bob has traveled doing “Life Ministries from the Round Pen” demonstrations for church outreach ministries but with his heart issues and the Covid virus, things had to be canceled for the time being. We will see what the Lord has in store for the future.

2020, a year of many unexpected turns, has really proven to be a blessed year on backing off on some ministries and reevaluating others. We have been taking a serious look at the essentials needed by our Body of believers here. The first few months of Covid, our church was content to meet online, but the last month or so we have seen a real hunger in our people to get back together. We are seeing more of a realization of spiritual needs for unsaved people attending our services. There have been more visitors at church in the past 2 weeks than we have seen in the 10 years here.

One lady, that Bob has been giving riding lessons to her daughter and friends, has expressed interest in an investigative Bible study to answer her many questions. Over the last few years, Bob has had a lot of contact with one man that is very confident in his LDS faith. He just recently, for the first time, expressed how helpless he felt as he sat in his car in the parking lot of a hospital with his wife admitted with lung issues. God is working here in Utah, and we are blessed to be a part of it.