Ministry Update – what is “ITM”?


Intentional Transitional Ministry was born out of a need for churches to eliminate obstacles to their Biblical unity and mission in order to be fully prepared to call their next pastor. An ITM pastor walks through the transition with the church, assisting not only in enduring the transition time but seeking to develop spiritual leaders through gospel outreach and discipleship. The ITM (Intentional Transitional Ministries) fully launched in June of 2019 when Scott and Marti Owen (pictured top) were officially sent into full-time missions by CrossRoad Baptist Church of Ames, Iowa. Groundwork had already been done so another couple, Marty and Susan Basinger (pictured center), were ready to join [...]

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“A Living Sacrifice” – journal entry by Mrs. Donna Hart – May 8, 2020


"A Living Sacrifice"   - journal entry by Mrs. Donna Hart - May 8, 2020 Two years ago today my new normal began, and I started down a path of hospital stays and tests that would eventually end three months later with a diagnosis of ALS.  It is almost becoming hard to remember the person I was before. I watch people scurrying about and wonder if I really used to be able to do that too...could I really walk out the door, jump in the car, and drive somewhere without giving it a second thought? Could I really just wander all around the house, cook a meal, do the dishes, [...]

“A Living Sacrifice” – journal entry by Mrs. Donna Hart – May 8, 20202020-06-12T10:44:32-04:00

What is “Intentional Transitional Ministries”?


Intentional Transitional Ministries is just one tool God uses through Baptist Church Planters to serve churches. We were just starting our part-time partner-raising in January of 2019 when a pastor contacted me about a church in transition. I had just received a contact from another mission agency about a couple that wanted to serve churches in transition. I had no idea what God had intended for those two connections, but by May, Marty and Susan Basinger were serving the Gilcrest Baptist Church of Gilcrest, Colorado, as ITM pastor and wife. I am humbled by the amount of trust that the church and the Basingers had in the newly developing [...]

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Calling All Tentmakers!


Calling all Tentmakers! You may not be good at working with canvas or those pesky little fiberglass poles that make more of a tangle sometimes than a tent. You may avoid camping altogether because of the fear-inducing trauma caused by the mere thought of having to construct a tent. Perhaps you find yourself on the other end of the spectrum and think yourself as the Davinci of canvas. Regardless of your abilities with an actual tent, I am talking to you as a potential tentmaker. Although Paul took the idea of being a tentmaker very literally, we use the term a little more generally around here. To us, a [...]

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Assessment: Measuring Progress toward a Goal


Assessment: Measuring Progress toward a Goal Merriam Webster defines assessment as “the act of making a judgment about something.” What that “something” is determines the information needed to “make a judgment.” Several years ago Baptist Church Planters and ChurchCare decided that we needed to do some assessment. The administration spent two days answering questions such as ‘what is important to God’ and ‘what is the end product that we expect from all the ministries of this Mission.’ All the questions led to one answer: the Church, the Body of Christ, is important to God; therefore, we expect all the Baptist Church Planters’ ministries to focus on serving the [...]

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Introducing the Teacher Journey Training


Journey with me up a mountain, a spiritual mountain. This journey is hard by nature but is life-altering, extremely satisfying, and leads to life. A.W. Tozer spoke of this mountain as the mount of God: “Our Lord said to His disciples, ‘If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it.’ Let me exhort you to take this seriously. It is not to be understood as mere Bible teaching to be stored away in the mind along with an inert [...]

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Priorities of a Servant-Sending Church


Priorities of a Servant-Sending Church One of the greatest joys of local church ministry is seeing God call members of the church to serve Him to do Great Commission ministry. Such servants of the Lord may be missionaries, pastors, Christian school teachers, church builders, tentmakers or others who have sensed the call of God which has been recognized by their local church. If your church currently has such people serving the Lord across the globe, you know the joy of which I write. Sadly, that joy is not shared by as many churches today as it was in the past.  The trend in our circles is that fewer [...]

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When Does Routine Become Remarkable?


When does the routine or the expected become remarkable? David Whipple, Executive Director of ChurchCare In my mind a story is worthy of a remark when we are praising God for what He is accomplishing. If we are just giving a report then “just the facts” are necessary. Tell me what has been accomplished. The back story is usually more interesting and revealing of how God uses our routine activities to bring glory to Himself. ChurchCare missionary builders slogged through what should have been a relatively routine building project at First Baptist Church in Niles, Ohio this past summer and fall. I am not implying that First Baptist was [...]

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The Products and Pieces of Partnership – Tim Weeks, Eastern Field Director, Baptist Church Planters


In a previous article we explored the Purpose of Partnership as we brought out the New Testament teaching as the foundation of BCP’s philosophy of ministry.  This governs how we view an agency’s relationship with church planters/revitalizers and local churches. In this installment we want to expose the Products and Pieces of Partnership by exploring the New Testament precedent for churches partnering together with church planters in advancing the Gospel. Philippians once again informs our thinking as we consider Paul’s relationship with the Philippian church. Philippians 1:5 and 7 highlight the church’s partnership and in chapter 4 the individual relationship the church adopted in helping Paul by sending Epaphroditus to [...]

The Products and Pieces of Partnership – Tim Weeks, Eastern Field Director, Baptist Church Planters2019-08-01T12:01:00-04:00


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