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Church Planting

Planting gospel-centered Baptist churches in North America

Feeling called to serve and advance the gospel?

There are opportunities for you to join with others for the advancement of God's Kingdom." Whether you feel called to lead a church plant or want to support in another way, Baptist Church Planters can help equip you and connect you with the right opportunities to take the next step.

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Church Planter Roles

God uniquely equips individuals with different skills and abilities that enable them to serve in a church plant. Explore available opportunities and find the role that’s best for you.

Lead & Associate Church Planter

These roles are the most vital part of a church planting team. These men and women are full-time leaders who are called by God and uniquely equipped to fulfill this call. They lead alongside their teams to build God’s church through God’s people in accordance with God’s Word.

Lead Church Planter Qualifications
  • A man called by God and capable of handling the Word of God
  • A skilled communicator.
  • A man of vision, able to cultivate a church congregation that accurately represents the community it’s located in. 
  • Usually ordained, but not necessary. Must be licensed if not ordained.
  • Commissioned by his local church.
  • A self-starting, well-disciplined man that can lead a team. 
  • Committed to full-time ministry in the field.
  • Fully supported, unless permitted otherwise by the administration.
Associate Church Planter Qualification
  • A man or woman called by God with a heart for church planting and a willingness to be part of a church planting team.
  • A man or woman willing to work under the leadership of a Lead Church Planter.
  • A man or woman commissioned by their local church.
  • A man or woman gifted in special needs for church planting, such as Christian Education, music, discipleship, evangelism, or administration.
  • Fully supported unless permitted otherwise by the administration.
  • Committed to full-time ministry on the field.


Tentmakers are laymen or women led by God to serve in church planting. They have faithfully served churches in teaching and leadership roles while being self-supported through secular work, and build up the church according to the talents God has given them. Tentmakers are currently needed for several church plant teams!

  • Knowledge of and experience in teaching the Bible.
  • A desire to reach unsaved people with the Gospel.
  • Wives must meet the Biblical requirements of the wife of a deacon.
  • Official commissioning by the local church with the promise of prayer support.
  • Completion of BCP’s prescribed orientation and training program which includes application forms and Candidate School.
  • A willingness to serve under mission leaders who will supervise the ministry, working with the Tentmaker missionary’s sending church and pastor.
  • Have adequate financial support for specific ministries assigned.
  • Tentmakers serve either full-time on a team or part-time based on schedule and need. 
  • Suggested areas of ministry are music, administration, Christian education, facilities, discipleship, and evangelism. Some Tentmakers are comfortable in the pulpit and may be used in that area.

Short-Term, Volunteers, and Internships

Want to support a church plant, but can’t serve full time? Individuals, couples, and churches can also participate in short-term and volunteer ministry within new church plants. BCP also offers internship opportunities for students desiring experience in church planting. Internships vary depending on educational requirements, so please contact us to learn more.  


BCP can facilitate a partnership between you and the administration, the field directors, and a lead church planter or builder. Whether you as an individual or couple need to fulfill internship requirements or are simply looking for a great ministry opportunity, BCP has exciting opportunities to offer.d

  • An individual or couple called by God with a heart for church planting and a willingness to be part of a church planting team.
  • An individual or couple willing to work under the leadership of a lead church planter or lead builder.
  • An individual or couple commissioned by their local church for service.
  • An individual or couple gifted in special needs for church planting, such as Christian Education, music, discipleship, evangelism, or administration.
  • Approval of sending church pastor.
  • Approval of the Director of Missions, if you are seeking an internship that will fulfill college requirements.
  • Interview with the intern coordinator.
  • Raise the necessary funds to cover expenses.
Ministry Opportunities
  • Ethnic ministries
  • Sunday School
  • Music ministries
  • Children’s ministry
  • Adult Bible classes
  • Maintenance or building projects
  • Gospel outreach
  • VBS programs
  • Hospital & compassion ministries
  • Digital sound and video editing/recording.
As a church

Churches can also come alongside and serve church plants. Connect with us to find out more about current needs and how you can help.

Missionary Builders

Builders come from all backgrounds, serving as full or part-time missionary builders, with varying ages and degrees of skill and experience. They have a heart for service. All types of builders are vital to completing building projects on time and within budget, whether you can give a day, a week, or a lifetime of service.

  • Availability for full or part-time working hours.
  • Comfortable with the possibility of living in trailers on the job site or nearby rented housing. 
  • Some prior experience with and knowledge of building projects, unless volunteering.
  • Know Christ as your personal Savior and have a desire to serve.
  • Be in agreement with the policies, Constitution, and Articles of Faith of ChurchCare Construction.
  • Be a member of a Baptist church with like beliefs.
  • Have an interest or experience in construction.
  • Project Manager/Lead Builder
  • Associate Builder
  • Tentmaker Builder
  • Volunteer
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About Baptist Church Planters

For over 30 years, Baptist Church Planters has been committed to building healthy churches across North America through church planting, partnership, discipleship, and revitalization efforts. Together, we can help equip your church to reach the lost and make an impact for the kingdom of God.

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