Just What I Needed



Ever say, “That’s exactly what I needed!”? We all face many of the exact same situations. We all face times of discouragement. We all face decision-making days. We all face days that demand courage. We all have adjustments in life that we are making. We all just have those days when we feel unwanted and unneeded. It’s a word from God that many times is just what we need.


Michael Peck has been writing Dr. Mike’s Daily Prescriptions for over ten years. Dr. Mike served for many years as a pastor, and he has a great love for and knowledge of the Word of God. Allow God’s Word to work a blessing in your life as you read Mike’s short daily devotionals from the Bible. Join him on a spiritual journey of encouragement through these daily inspirational thoughts written as a narrative. It will be “just what you need!”


Note: E-book soon to be available on Amazon.