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Supporting and partnering with Baptist churches to spread the Gospel


Feeling called to serve and advance the gospel?

There are opportunities for you to join with others for the advancement of God's Kingdom. Whether you feel called to lead a church plant or want to support in another way, Baptist Church Planters can help equip you and connect you with the right opportunities to take the next step.

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Building up missionaries and leaders to fulfill the Great Commission.

Many pastors don’t receive the discipleship they need after they leave seminary. But discipleship is crucial to helping you lead your congregation – and Baptist Church Planters can help you get equipped.

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Explore Discipleship Opportunities

The Leadership Journey is a year-long mentorship experience that includes weekly meetings and one weekend retreat. This training is designed to equip leaders who can go out and equip other leaders in gospel ministry.

“The Leadership Journey training has had a profound impact on my life. I have not only gained a whole new outlook of what I am supposed to be and why, but also the practical “how-to’s” of how to live it. It’s truly been a transformation of thinking and doing.”

Brad Fincham, Assistant Pastor of Ankeny Baptist Church in Ankeny, IA

“Spiritual Disciplines book is great! It makes you realize the work involved in the Christian life. The course work goes hand in hand and drives you to implement what you’ve read. The participants encourage and challenge you. All this has worked to show me how to see and accomplish goals in my Christian walk and how to more effectively lead a small group study.”

Chris Largent – Walnut Park Baptist Church, Muscatine, IA

Equipping and Connecting Missionaries

Missions Trips 

Through our wide network of like-minded churches and ministries, we routinely facilitate short-term missions training and opportunities for missions-minded individuals and families. We have a number of mission opportunities available to meet the diverse needs of evangelism in our culture.

Missions Enrichment

The goal of missionary enrichment is to intentionally train and develop our missionaries. BCP missionaries have several opportunities to obtain further training and networking.

  • Candidate School
  • Kingdom Come Training
  • Church Planting School
  • Family Camp
  • Leadership Summit

Missions Training


Available to individuals and larger groups who would like a brief and impactful exposure to missions

1 to 3 months

Designed to help individuals meet the requirements of their degree program and/or to discern a future in missions ministry.

6 to 12 months

An in-depth training /internship degree program for those ready to launch into ministry. Must attend BCP leadership training and develop ministry partners.

Counseling Churches

Churches need to be developing disciples and reaching the lost. When we start with this end in mind, our counseling efforts can remain focused on reaching that goal instead of getting sidetracked in other areas. We focus on helping struggling or static churches move forward in fruitful ministry.


Revitalize your church for the proclamation of the gospel.

Get equipped to help your church flourish with Baptist Church Planters 

It can be challenging to resolve issues and develop your church toward healthy and authentic faith – but you don’t have to do it alone.

Baptist Church Planters can help you create a plan to improve church health, revitalize your congregation, and take the next step.

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How It Works

Here are a few of the goals that we have helped our church clients work towards as they seek to revitalize their congregation:

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Meet with Baptist Church Planters to identify your most immediate needs, and determine whether working with our organization is the right fit for you.

Make a Plan

Whether your church is struggling, facing closure, or ready to grow, we can help you create a plan and equip you to make the best decision for your church.

Take the Next Step

Together, Baptist Church Planters and your church will implement the plan and help you move forward as a congregation.

Church Health Goals

Here are a few of the goals that we have helped our church clients work towards as they seek to revitalize their congregation:

  • Growth in understanding conversion and Christian living that is truly by faith through grace and includes genuine repentance
  • Focused, passionate prayer for holiness, discipleship, and multiplication by groups of people at church
  • Ongoing and obvious life change that the believer credits to the church’s clear expositional preaching and teaching
  • A clear, biblical peacemaking process used between members regularly
  • Biblical church discipline process implemented and used effectively
  • A full complement of trained leaders serving as elders and deacons with several more qualified in the wings
  • 80% of adult members pursuing the “one another” commands as seen in their care for each other
  • 75% of adult members spend regular solo time with God 5 days a week
  • 50% of adult members have shared the complete gospel in the last 12 months
  • 50% of adult members are intentionally and regularly discipling someone
  • 10% of current church membership added to the church through adult belief and baptism in the last 5 years
  • Someone discipled by the church sent into full-time ministry within the last 5 years

Major transitions can feel overwhelming.

Helping churches transition through consultation, assessment, and placement

If your church is experiencing significant change due to pastoral departures, leadership failure, or other issues, you do not need to struggle alone.

Our Intentional Transition Ministries (ITM) have helped churches make tough decisions and supported the placement of Intentional Interim Pastors where needed.

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Interested in Serving as an Interim Pastor?

We are always interested in speaking with men who have a heart for and background in church revitalization and transitional ministry. If you have an affiliation with Baptist Church Planters (BCP) and are interested in learning more about Interim Pastoral opportunities, please contact a member of our staff to get connected.

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About Baptist Church Planters

For over 30 years, Baptist Church Planters has been committed to building healthy churches across North America through church planting, partnership, discipleship, and revitalization efforts. Together, we can help equip your church to reach the lost and make an impact for the kingdom of God.

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