One of the blessings we experience at Baptist Church Planters is the gathering of all the missionary families once every three years at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa.  Faith has wonderful facilities to care for our mission family.  We call this gathering, “Family Camp.”

This year was the year for Family Camp, and what a blessing it was! Missionaries met the new church planters, were fed from the Word of God (Dr. Kevin Bauder was the main speaker), fellowshipped as believers, discussed effective means of touching the lives of people, ate good food and enjoyed a good laugh.

Church planters know the challenges specific to starting a church.  They understand the disappointments of promises broken, the struggles when key people don’t show up, and the exhilaration when God brings someone along that they didn’t invite.  In their fellowship times, you heard them discuss the “in’s and out’s” of church planting.

Then there is that inevitable question.  “How many do you have attending?”  Their answer is usually, “If everyone came, we would have…”   I have often said that every church planter should have on their tombstone this saying, “If everyone would have come.”

These heroes of church planting could not be effective without your support.  Also, we thank those who support the general fund, making it possible to serve the church planters.  Thank you for your support.