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5 Necessary Qualities of a Supporting Church

By September 19, 2022September 26th, 2022No Comments

5 Necessary Qualities of a Supporting Church

There are few opportunities for generating exponential impact for the Gospel that are as powerful as churches supporting other churches.

But whether your church is looking to support a partner church, or considering requesting the support of another church, it can be difficult to discern what relationship will work best in your particular situation.

As a team that has facilitated these church-to-church partnerships for over 30 years, we’ve found that the best supporting churches share at least 5 key characteristics:

1. Healthy leadership and staff

Often the single most important thing a supporting church can offer their church partner is mentorship in areas of church leadership, ministry structure, and direction.

The simple truth is that while people can read books about how to lead a church, or watch videos of other pastors, or take secular courses in conflict resolution, there is nothing as powerful as seeing an example in action.

There are issues in every staff, but great supporting churches set an example that is worthy of being emulated. Humility is key in this regard––learning from past mistakes and possessing wisdom to help others will be invaluable to any partnership.

2. Alignment of belief

If you were at the Grand Canyon and you didn’t trust your guide, or if the guide didn’t trust you, what would happen? You wouldn’t get very far and you might fall off a cliff.

It’s critical that your beliefs and values align with one another because it builds trust in the direction you are taking. Positive supporting church relationships are invested in one another because there is a belief that they are both on the same path (it just so happens that one is a little farther along).

3. Positive community outreach

Churches who make a positive impression in their community are well-equipped to be supporting churches because of their ability to connect with their community and respond to needs.

These skills are important to model for partner churches not just because they are going to copy+paste the same programs at their church, but because it’s important that a partner church sees the thought and mindset behind ministry decisions and community outreach. When the mindset is mastered, the partner church can make wise decisions for themselves about how to reach their community.

4. Thriving congregation

The best supporting churches have church members who are excited about building up another church.

This can prove to be difficult for many churches who have people actively serving in many areas but might feel stretched thin, or who don’t want to see resources and time spent on another church ministry.

What’s most important here is that supporting congregations have the buy-in of their members.

5. Effective missions

A church that shares the Gospel well in their community and around the world is well-equipped to share the Gospel alongside a partner church.

The spirit of mission-mindedness is contagious. When a supporting church is excited about proclaiming Jesus Christ, the church who is seeking support will be effectively encouraged to go and do likewise.

And when that happens, the Great Commission is fulfilled through the faithfulness of God’s churches.

Where can I find the right supporting church for me?

Whether you are looking for support or have support to offer, if you only look for church partners within your current sphere of connections, you could be missing out on fruitful ministry partnerships. Contact us today to talk through what you’re looking for, and let us help you find the right partnership to accomplish your vision.

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