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Why Partnership Matters

By July 14, 2022November 21st, 2022No Comments

Why Partnership Matters

Just as God designed every cell in the body to connect, it is His design for the people of His local churches to connect to one another. When a person fails to be linked to their local body, they become at risk and the body weakens. Even a struggling person connected to the body helps the body, for when the body shows care and provides help to this weaker one, it produces fruit. When pastors and local churches in an area assist each other, this also strengthens the body and causes more fruit. This fruit puts the joy of God in His people and glorifies the Father (John 15:8,11). 

It is our redemption that sparks this DNA of partnership in us as new creatures. The Father planned for this partnership when He chose us for Himself (Ephesians 1:4). Jesus Christ paid the cost of our redemption for us to partner with the Godhead. After drawing us, convicting us, and washing us, the Holy Spirit then indwells us when we believe. This intimately partners us with Him Who is our Helper and Comforter. 

The impact of the Spirit indwelling each believer positionally unites us and provides for us the power to actually be like-minded as a local body and as the whole Body of Christ. Scripture vividly illustrates this by picturing the unity of Christ and the Church with the marriage of a man and a woman. We the Church are to be intimately serving each other in Christ as we dwell closely together.

In light of this, Baptist Church Planters has as one of its core values ‘partnerships enabled through visionary leadership.’ This vision depends upon the Spirit. We believe both the individual and the Church produce more through partnerships. 

These connections are the source of the blessings and impact of leading a connected life. It motivates me, and hopefully, you, to think about spiritual partnerships and to build them up intentionally in the day-to-day flow of life. As you reflect today, note the Spirit-empowered partnerships amongst God’s people, and consider your own efforts at partnering with others in the Church.

Do you need a partner in ministry? Whether you’re a church that’s thriving or facing challenges, Baptist Church Planters can partner with you to help you make an impact in your community with the Gospel.