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IMG_6488Jesus said He would build His church and the gates of hell would not prevail against it.   Desert Hills Baptist Church and Baptist Church Planters’ missionary, Pastor Adam Zamora, have been stretched to the breaking point. Over the past year the questions have been asked, “What else could happen? What else could the local building authorities ask for?” When a question was asked, it seemed as if someone was listening and decided to come up with another request or requirement! The full story would take volumes to document the details. Even the total dollar costs, though extremely high, don’t tell the whole story. The delays and additional time requirements can never be recovered. The reason for the delays and the additional costs can only be explained by the fact that we are living in a world that is controlled by Satan. The only explanation for overcoming those issues and for the construction being started is God. By the grace of God we will see the completion of a permanent building for Desert Hills Baptist Church. Many of God’s people were involved in arriving at this point, but only God gets the glory for making it happen. Some highlights for you to be thankful for and to continue to pray about include:

  • 24 months of application, review, and approvals from many  different agencies
  • $ 540,000 given by the Desert Hills family, churches, and individuals to meet the needs for getting land, paying fees, and moving forward in the building processIMG_6456
  • $ 235,000 total costs of fees, applications, reviews, impact fees, water rights, architectural plans, civil engineering, and traffic engineering and studies
  • $ 550,000 for buying the land
  • $ 1.45 million estimated construction costs for (a) 15,500 square feet(foot) building that will seat 392 in the auditorium
  • $ 2,235,000 total cost for project with an appraised value when completed of $ 3.5 million

Desert Hills Baptist Church is a church plant being pastored by Baptist Church Planters’ missionaries Adam and ElizaIMG_6485beth Zamora, and assisted by Wayne and Shanna Dale. The Zamoras have been working in Buckeye, Arizona, for 8 ½  years. The church has received much help from many churches, the GARBC, and from the Zamora’s mission agency. Friends and family with businesses and resources are stepping up to help complete the building. ChurchCare, a subsidiary of BCP, was vital to the process by providing secondary financing that was required by the main lender to meet their requirements for acceptance. ChurchCare also provided financial support to the ChurchCare missionary builders, Larry & Lillian French, on site coordinating the construction.

Continue to pray!  The opportunity to reach Buckeye with the gospel is wide open. Desert Hills will be the first church plant in the last ten years with a building in the city of Buckeye. The testimony of what God can and is doing will be exciting.    If you can help, contact Pastor Adam Zamora at 623-698-7177.