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Missionary Update – February 20


Faith Baptist Church in Mason City, Iowa, is going to be transitioning from church pews to chairs in their auditorium. They have pews available. Please contact the office for contact information. Scott and Marti Owen – Director of Intentional Transitional Ministry (ITM) February 13 Prayer Letter How did we get here? It was just a year ago that we launched our partner-raising journey that involved visiting over 40 churches. Last Sunday we started a four to six-month Intentional Transitional Ministry work at Calvary Baptist of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa! Here’s what God did in January to make this happen: He added two generous financial partners! Calvary Baptist of Mount Pleasant, [...]

Missionary Update – February 202020-02-20T15:17:48-05:00

Missionary Update – February 12


Jim and Janice Mitchell – Church Planters at Gospel Life Church in Fort Collins, CO Fri., Feb. 7 Tim, one of our deacons, believes he is being called into the ministry.  We are excited about that and he will be preaching Sunday.  Please pray for him and his family as he seeks to follow God's will. Also, as a church we are facing some very important decisions concerning the future, please pray we will understand God's direction and will.  Rob and Beth Worthington – Church Planters at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hamlin, NY Wed., Feb. 5 Just wanted to let you all know that we got some news today.  I [...]

Missionary Update – February 122020-02-20T14:49:14-05:00

Calling All Tentmakers!


Calling all Tentmakers! You may not be good at working with canvas or those pesky little fiberglass poles that make more of a tangle sometimes than a tent. You may avoid camping altogether because of the fear-inducing trauma caused by the mere thought of having to construct a tent. Perhaps you find yourself on the other end of the spectrum and think yourself as the Davinci of canvas. Regardless of your abilities with an actual tent, I am talking to you as a potential tentmaker. Although Paul took the idea of being a tentmaker very literally, we use the term a little more generally around here. To us, a [...]

Calling All Tentmakers!2020-02-03T14:30:23-05:00

Rob and Beth Worthington – Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hamlin, NY


Revitalization – God’s Plan for Struggling Churches God’s hand of leading is perfectly clear in hindsight. As we looked back one year to the possibility of transferring to Florida to minister, God quickly turned our direction back to New York State. It was virtually instantaneously! A week and a half after we were ready to sign a rental agreement in Florida, we were living in Hilton, NY! I don’t believe any of that was a mistake. God turned us away from Hilton until His timing was right. As of March 1st of last year, we began our ministry at Emmanuel Baptist Church. For the first month we sat back and watched as ministry took [...]

Rob and Beth Worthington – Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hamlin, NY2020-02-03T14:31:51-05:00

Roy and Karen Kinney – Pinecrest Baptist Church, Millbury, MA


Our Journey to Permanency - Pinecrest Baptist Church Our journey has been a long circuitous one, a journey of ups and downs, buying and selling, moving and settling, losing and growing, renovating and fixing, faltering and trusting; this journey of Faith taking us one step at a time without seeing the end result.  Yet, looking back and seeing the hand of our Sovereign God in all of it guiding the way, directing our paths, growing our faith, establishing His Church and securing our permanent home. Man has his own plans and supporting churches do too.  Whether it’s a three or five or seven year plan to completing a Work, [...]

Roy and Karen Kinney – Pinecrest Baptist Church, Millbury, MA2020-01-16T10:20:53-05:00

Assessment: Measuring Progress toward a Goal


Assessment: Measuring Progress toward a Goal Merriam Webster defines assessment as “the act of making a judgment about something.” What that “something” is determines the information needed to “make a judgment.” Several years ago Baptist Church Planters and ChurchCare decided that we needed to do some assessment. The administration spent two days answering questions such as ‘what is important to God’ and ‘what is the end product that we expect from all the ministries of this Mission.’ All the questions led to one answer: the Church, the Body of Christ, is important to God; therefore, we expect all the Baptist Church Planters’ ministries to focus on serving the [...]

Assessment: Measuring Progress toward a Goal2020-02-03T14:34:39-05:00

Introducing the Teacher Journey Training


Journey with me up a mountain, a spiritual mountain. This journey is hard by nature but is life-altering, extremely satisfying, and leads to life. A.W. Tozer spoke of this mountain as the mount of God: “Our Lord said to His disciples, ‘If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it.’ Let me exhort you to take this seriously. It is not to be understood as mere Bible teaching to be stored away in the mind along with an inert [...]

Introducing the Teacher Journey Training2019-11-12T11:51:28-05:00

Connect Fall 2019


In this issue: The challenge of Transitions; Assessment in the Local Church; Report From the Field; Introducing "Teacher Journey Training"; Calling all "Tentmakers"; Introducing Intentional Transitional Ministries; A Tribute to Pastor David Dunkin

Connect Fall 20192019-11-06T10:16:05-05:00

Think Tanks 2019


National Conference on Hispanic Outreach Report After seeing the need for Hispanic ministry leaders,  both English and Spanish-speaking to coordinate efforts in reaching Hispanics for Christ here in the US, Herb and Wanda Taylor began NCHO, National Conference on Hispanic Outreach: a Hispanic Think Tank. NCHO meetings have been held annually in Greenville, SC, since 2014 as well as in Arizona in 2017 and in California in 2018. The purpose of  NCHO is to ENCOURAGE and EQUIP Hispanic ministry leaders. On October 4, over 100 attendees participated in NCHO in Greenville.  Herb Taylor opened the day with a session entitled, “What is NCHO?” explaining his vision for the purpose [...]

Think Tanks 20192019-12-20T13:09:58-05:00

Retirement announcement -Walter and Beverly McDonald


Baptist Church Planters announces the retirement of Walter and Beverly McDonald. Prior to their marriage in 2006, Walter and Beverly had each been married and in full-time ministry before their spouses were taken Home. After their marriage, Walter and Beverly joined the BCP Family as church planters in 2011. They have faithfully served the Lord at Providence Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida. Walter and Beverly have been passionate about encouraging outreach, and it is evidenced through the church’s efforts in VBS, their Annual Harvest Fest and their weekly Bread Ministry. On any given Saturday morning you will find a dedicated group of members gearing up to distribute perishable and [...]

Retirement announcement -Walter and Beverly McDonald2019-10-14T10:37:26-04:00
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