This year Tim and Susan Heinrich have been focusing on the NEXT STEPS for Crossroads Baptist Church in Tracy, CA. Due to the high turnover of this community, they have planted and replanted multiple times.  They are three years into the most recent group of families and the blessing of a permanent facility to rent. The focus this year has been on implementing the church’s Values statement. One of the highlights of this year has been outreach events, such as a couples’ retreat and a Passover Seder, which reached 15 new families. A record-high Vacation Bible School saw over 100 children reached and two clear professions of salvation. Praise God that one of their teens has also made a clear profession of faith. The NEXT STEP is follow-up through Back to Church Month and a fall discipleship program with a goal of doubling the Crossroads core through intentional discipleship. Families that attended Vacation Bible School are also being invited to enroll their children in a Wednesday Night Answer’s Academy, a series of Bible classes focusing on Science, the Arts, Technology and Team Building. Pray with Crossroads that 50 of the 100 children who attended VBS will join this class. Crossroads families sacrificially gave of their time and finances to do some major improvements on the building this year in order to facilitate these discipleship programs to the glory of God.

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