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Ministry Update – Bob and Penny Toomer

By August 7, 2023No Comments

Ministry Update

Bob and Penny Toomer

Associate Church Planters, Grantsville, UT

Summer 2023

Toomers in Utah

Dear Praying Friends,

Summer is here full force. Last year we experienced 34 100 degree days and are hoping not to follow suit this year. June was very rainy and beautiful.

Mountain View Baptist Church

The church is experiencing some ups and down right now. First off, Pastor Ron Ehmann was remarried to a lovely lady, Wendy on July 4th. We are looking forward to her becoming a part of our church family and getting to know her better. Please pray for their new marriage and the blending of the two families. We have had one of our families and a newly wed couple move out of state due to the expensive housing market and job situation here in Tooele county. This is a tough time to find affordable housing and good paying jobs. We are still working towards getting our own building but materials are very costly so we aren’t progressing in that direction very quickly.


With summer activities/vacations, etc. Bob has wrapped up most of his small group Bible studies.

“T”, the LDS lady we have been meeting with weekly for a year and a half, is at an impasse right now. She knows the LDS church isn’t the answer but is struggling to believe what the Bible says about her sin and that Christ, the eternal God is the only answer. She feels so deceived by the LDS church that it makes it difficult to trust in something else. She has her house on the market right now and is looking to move out of state. Please pray that God will put other believers in her path to continue to give her the Truth.

“A”, has recently lost her mother and is occupied with helping her dad. She carries a lot of guilt that only God can take away but she is having a hard time trusting Christ as well. Satan continues to blind her to the freedom in Christ.

“J” continues to text Bob each morning and shares what he is learning in his daily Bible reading. It is a good opportunity of accountability. He is definitely growing in the Lord but experiencing some marital difficulties and is opening up to Bob and seeking help in that area of his life. Please pray for him and his wife. God is at work. Pray for their eyes to be opened to the Truth and all that Christ wants to do in their lives.

Marriage and families are under great attack right now. We are seeing believers struggling in our body as well. We are striving to equip with marriage and child rearing studies in our Sunday School sessions but it takes more time one-on-one to deal with each one personally. Pray for wisdom in dealing with things and time management for meeting with these couples.

Bob and Caleb will be taking on as many of the church responsibilities as they can to give Ron freedom and time away to begin his new marriage. Please pray for wisdom and strength to get things done.


A major part of our summer consists of horsemanship camps at UtIBaCa. Bob will be gone for 3 weeks in July/ August for these camps. This is a great opportunity to help these young people grow in Christ as they work to learn new riding skills and/or improve on the skills they already have. Pastor Ron is the speaker for two of the weeks.

Bob has a real heart for these campers and loves to talk to them about the Lord. Please pray that he will have the strength, stamina and energy to keep up with the rigorous schedule and wisdom to know when to go rest as to not over do.

The days of summer Bible camp are pretty dear to my (Penny) heart. It was a great time to meet up with friends that you only got to see once a year. But also, a time to get away from the pressures and distractions of every day life to focus on God. Pray for these young ears to be open to the teaching from the Word and that they will see the need for Christ in their lives and commit their lives to Him.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for us and prayers for our family that is spread far and wide. We so appreciate each and every one of you. God is working!


  • Pastor Ron got married on July 4.
  • Bob was given a clean bill of health from the doctor.
  • “D” (single mom) found a new vehicle for her family needs.

Prayer Requests

  • Horsemanship camps in July and August.
  • Two couples in our church struggling in their marriages.
  • Pastor Ron and Wendy as they begin their new marriage together.
  • Outreach in the Tooele/Grantsville communities.

God bless,

Bob and Penny Toomer
Associate Church Planters
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