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Ministry update – Jimmy and Abby Stevenson

Ministry Update

Jimmy and Abby Stevenson

Church Care

Canton, OH

Spring 2023

Dear Partner,

Spring is upon us, and our hearts turn to the beautiful truth of the life God has given us through His Son, Jesus Christ. The occasional day of sunshine is a blessing to the soul as the green plants poke their heads above the dirt and start to bloom.

This winter season has passed by in a blur with weeks of the flu and a stomach bug for the whole family, teething for Paul, a small knee injury for Jimmy, sinus infection and bronchitis for Abby, and of course just overall exhaustion that comes with raising two precious children. By God’s grace we are all feeling much better as I write this letter, and we seek not to take for granted each day given.

We have been able to continue connecting with the church family here in Canton, OH. It is fun to see the church members make plans for how to use the new space in the near future and get excited as they are able to see the building come to life.

Though I feel dreadfully behind in communication with you, now that Leroy has hit the 4-month mark, I find myself able to get more done outside of just keeping the boys nurtured and am working on the goal of keeping in touch better. This starts, of course, by getting this newsletter completed. Please know that we do very much pray for you, especially as God lays specifics on our hearts. If you have prayer requests and burdens we could be praying for, please let us know. How incredibly thankful we are—whether here on the jobsite or wherever you are—that we serve a Mighty God and get the privilege of being connected to you through our relationship with Him!

Jobsite Details

Much has been happening on the inside of the building. Updated sprinkler systems were installed in the original church building, covered, and then painted. The windows and doors were recently installed in the new building, letting the sunshine cheer the hard-working crew. The work of electric, plumbing, and HVAC have been passing inspections, paving the way for insulation and now drywall going up. It is fun to see progress being made as the walls are given further shape.

We have been blessed and encouraged by additional volunteers from other churches coming occasionally to walk alongside and partner with us physically on the jobsite.


Jimmy, Abby, Paul, and Leroy Stevenson


  • Our God for His compassionate grace that He gives daily
  • Times of Bible study, whether with a group or individually
  • Good health in general; both boys growing strong and healthy
  • At 80% financial support!

Prayer Requests

Continued jobsite safety

Wisdom in counseling those we are discipling

Wisdom in parenting

To be fully funded

Abby’s Corner

In the month of March, Jimmy and I had the gift of a time away to reconnect. Shout out to the Howards for watching both boys and giving up a night of sleep to bless us in this way!

As Jimmy and I sought to communicate and build our relationship, I became painfully aware of where I have been lacking in communication with my Heavenly Father. Refreshing time with my spouse is so vital to our relationship. But how much more so is taking times of refreshment with my Savior and focusing on that relationship! In this season of motherhood, it is very challenging to find that time, but also very important to prioritize.