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Ministry Update – Roy and Karen Kinney

By February 8, 2024No Comments

Ministry Update

Roy and Karen Kinney

Pinecrest Baptist Church, Millbury, MA

February 2024


  1. Our Grandson, Declan Hansen, received Jesus as his Savior at home with his parents! What a privilege to lead our families to Christ.
  2. We enjoyed hosting Liam, Sarah, and Wyatt in our home. They have a lot of questions about the Bible and attend each Sunday faithfully.
  3. Our great annual business meeting. God provided for all of our needs and extras (new lit cross, refrigerator, gutters, 100 chairs, rug/tile cleaning) AND we voted to put a good amount towards our church mortgage. God has been good and gracious through the faithful giving of the people here. It’s important to look back and see God’s hand of provision in many ways.
  4. The Ladies’ Winter Tea was a great time of fellowship and outreach. Some ladies shared their quilt stories and we were all encouraged in our friendship with God and each other.
  5. We continue to have visitors attending the church. On Sunday 5 new visitors came in. Two individuals stopped in from the neighborhood and a couple with a baby was invited by a member who is doing a Bible study with the Mom.
  1. Salvations of those attending church and being discipled.
  2. Celebration of Love Sunday and meal on the 11th. Many friends and co-workers have been invited.
  3. Mary Jane’s second knee replacement surgery is the 13th. Pray for her health to be good enough and her healing to go well. MJ is on her own and very independent, but needs her church family to get her through.
  4. Lucy P’s knee rehab from her surgery is going well. They return to Italy next month. Please be in prayer for the Panzanella Grandparents as they need Jesus as their Savior.
  5. We host another new family in our home tomorrow night the 7th. We look forward to hearing how God led them our way. All of our newer attending families have 1 year olds or younger. Our nursery is busy!
  6. Terry Nordborg flew off the ice on her deck in VT and broke her wrist needing surgery while up there. It’s a pretty bad break and she will be in recovery and then rehab for a bit. Pray for healing and that God will use her time home to minister to her family – some who need Christ.
  7. Joan is on hospice and Sharon visits her weekly in her home. Pray for God’s comfort and growth in faith for Sharon as she ministers to her friend.
  8. All our churches are praying for our dear friend and co-laborer, Wanda Taylor, as she goes through chemo treatments.
  9. We continue to pray for Emily, the Jenks granddaughter, as she just went through surgery and needs to continue to have her brain heal.
  10. We travel to East Limington Baptist Church to update and worship with them on the 25th.
  11. For health, strength, and wisdom to keep up with it all!

Thank you for your prayers for the work here in Millbury, MA.

Roy and Karen Kinney
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