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Ministry Update – Stephen and Janelle Jespersen

By July 10, 2024No Comments

Ministry Update

Stephen and Janelle Jespersen

Grace Fellowship Church, Preston, ID

June 2024


I have a very important need for you to pray about. Our church meets in a rented building and we have been looking for either a building or land. Thursday we looked at a building right around the corner from our meeting place that is set up much better for our needs. It is a 8,000 sq ft building with several classrooms and a big meeting place for $465,000. In order to afford this building we would need to raise around $250,000 in gifts. This is partially due to the fact that we are in the process of taking on a full-time pastor and can’t afford a big mortgage. I also don’t want to put the church in a vulnerable position financially. Please pray that God would raise up partners to meet this strategic need here in Mormon country.

Both of these pictured are included for the price, it would allow us to have dedicated Sunday school rooms, a nursery, as well as the main auditorium next to it.

God established this church 21 years ago and Christ is fulfilling His promise, “I will build my church,” Matt 16:18.  Let’s adore God for His gift, the local church, which is part of His redemptive plan.  As we focus more on Jesus we will become more like Jesus and that is good for everyone.

Please designate any gifts given through this link to the purchase specifically.

Love serving with you,

Stephen and Janelle Jespersen
Associate Church Planters in Preston, ID
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