10 Old Wives’ Tales About Church Growth


10 Old Wives' Tales About Church Growth – by Brian Orme There's a lot of discussion that goes on about church growth: what causes it; how to generate it; prepare for it; launch it; build it; cultivate it and even, to some degree, manufacture it. Many of the discussions are helpful, but there are a number of subtle beliefs that still creep up that aren't healthy. In fact, they're downright superstitious and, at times, dangerous to the church. I've collected these myths over many conversations, coffees and lunches with church leaders and I'd like to share them with you.   10 Old Wives' Tales About Church Growth 1. If You're Not [...]

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2012 in review


New Candidates approved: 6 Lead Church Planters:  42 Associate Church Planters:  8 Apollos:  14 Builders:  12  (6 families) Tentmakers:  2 Special Assignment:  11 BCP Administration/staff: 27 Missionary letters sent—12,487 letters Receipt letters sent—approximately 10,000 Donors total to date —1381 Total missionary support given to date—approximately $2,000,000 Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Row 1: Les and Ida Wells (Apollos MA), Jerry and Jackie Hopkins (Church Planters MI), John and Deb Sauser (Church Planters IA) Row 2: Walter and Beverly McDonald (Church Planters FL), Roy and Fran Cupples (Church Planters NE), Larry and Lillian French (Builders), Dale and Coleen Murphy (Builders), Brent and Michele Howard (Builders), Ron and Sandra Cornell (Builders), [...]

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GARBC Conference 2012


BCP display at the 2012 GARBC annual conference. Great opportunity to thank our friends and supporters for their faithful prayers and support. BCP gave away coupons for beverages from the Underground Café. Several contacts were made with potential church planters. techPartner provided the excitement by giving away fun photo’s. Seemed like everyone wanted to show their silly side and take away a memory from the conference. Free portraits were also taken of several families. Thank you to Rick Craige for providing the equipment for the photographs.                    John Little at BCP display                     [...]

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Men of faith “recruiting” at Faith


Church Planters Adam Zamora (Buckeye, AZ), Wayne Dale (Phoenix, AZ) and Tim Heinrich (Tracy, CA) along with the Bennett’s spent three (cold) days at Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary presenting their ministries and Baptist Church Planters.  Each were there to challenge students to ministry in general and Church Planting along with possibilities of internships at each of their Church Planting ministries.  They started every morning with a hectic schedule speaking in the College Chapel followed immediately with Seminary Chapel and multiple mission classes each.  They were most happy to leave the 19 degree temperature and head home to warmer climate although they did warm the hearts of many students [...]

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New Life in Christ – Wampsville, NY


Praise the Lord, a new guy that just started coming to church accepted the Lord this morning at 4:30 am. He shared it with me this morning at my “Pastor’s Booth” restaurant ministry. I had 4 of our men out this morning and they all heard about Chuck’s salvation. What a way to start the day!  Steve Little, Church Planter in Wampsville, NY

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President’s Letters – October 2011


I recently attended the annual meeting of the Fellowship of Missions (FOM).  FOM was founded in the early sixties as an “agency of agencies,” taking a separatist position and a pre-tribulation/pre-millennial hermeneutic.  There are twenty-eight mission agencies in FOM. I have found the annual meeting to be inspiring, challenging, encouraging, and convicting.  Each year, leaders of member agencies come together to pray, learn, dialogue, and encourage each other.  We are often reminded that we are not in competition but rather collaboration.  By working together in this fellowship we can accomplish more for the glory of God and the spread of the gospel throughout the world. This year, we heard reports [...]

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Marriage DVD Resource


Baptist Church Planters has recently released a valuable DVD resource for busy couples who truly want to connect with each other. Thoroughly Biblical, written from the viewpoint of the authority of the Scriptures. Five DVD sessions taught before a live audience in the conference center of Baptist Church Planters in Grafton, Ohio. The material is presented in an easy-to-follow format, which builds step by step directions for experiencing closeness in marriage. Excellent use of homework encourages couples to really consider the state of their marriage, and walk with the Lord. May be used in Sunday school classes, small groups, or even with just one couple in the privacy of their [...]

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