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IMG_20160803_084208448_HDRIMG_20160803_084346854There is so much that is happening in such a quick amount of time that it is difficult for me to encapsualize. It is good to start with ” Praise the Lord, for His Mercy endures forever!”

I have been preaching through Matthew–“you are the salt and light of the earth.” Matthew 7: 7 deals with asking, seeking, and knocking. Our abiding, striving, and resting is a continual process.

I am constantly evaluating the condition of my soul, the people of God, and the direction God desires the Church of God to go each step of the way. I realize that a true permanent change of heart and life actions come from only God.

I am reminding myself daily of a future glory for the saints of God as I am praying, laboring with the people through difficulties, sorrows, sin, death, confusion, miscommunication and joy in the growth that God gives through his Word. More prayer and resting in God’s Sovereign care and timing is what is needed most.

HouseI am working on an 1802 house. As I uncovered the main structure of the house we’re preparing to live in, I soon became overwhelmed with the many issues. The powder post beetles had destroyed much of the foundation, the water damage that had been hidden had destroyed some main support beams. People had hacked out some main post support beams to less than half because they didn’t want to see them, and they cut joists to run heating duct work through. It was amazing! It was all hidden in the walls, basically unseen. As I uncovered more and more, some people were angry with me that I was changing this historic building. Others were happy in the revitalization, and others, including the inspector, said, ” Take it down and build new.” Yet we saw fit to tear out, repair and restore.

There are many churches/ people that are so destroyed by the hacking of sin’s destruction that it takes a gracious, tender, and wise Master Builder to take things apart and rebuild on the solid Rock in Matthew 7. In one sense, it is an overwhelming grief to find and remove so much destruction. In another sense it is an overwhelming joy to experience the restoration work of Christ in our lives from the destruction of the world to the complete restoration of the new creation in Christ.

IMG_20160731_120800144_HDRThe church at Servants Baptist Church has been going through a revitalization process by the Lord of Glory. The Lord in His sovereignty is doing a work only He can do through our obedience, our abiding, our asking, seeking and knocking. Lester and his wife, Sarah, previously Amish, counted the cost and joined the church in obedience by getting baptized recently. Two other couples have told expressed their desire to join the church, and we also have a couple preparing to share their testimonies. God will build His church! We are to be hearers of His Word and doers of His work. What a privilege it is to be a part of this revitalization of God in people’s lives! 

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