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Ministry update – Wayne and Shanna Dale – May 2023

Ministry Update

Wayne and Shanna Dale

Grace Baptist Church, Phoenix, AZ

May 2023

Dear Friends and Family,

May has arrived and life has been eventful. Easter we had our annual breakfast and celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus with many guests and visitors. We have followed up and a few have attended Bible studies and continue to attend services. Part of our attendance also consists of those who live in Arizona half the year and head to another cooler state during the hot summer and fall months. We will miss them but are grateful for their positive impact.

April has been filled with visits from the BCP president, a former pastor from a supporting church in IA, and a former church member. Wayne has been spending time in discipleship, leading men’s Bible study, networking with various people, taking a class, and will be guiding a seminary intern this summer. Shanna has been leading a ladies’ Bible study, meeting with individuals, and also will be starting a younger ladies’ study.

April has been full of scheduled events for the kids including soccer, basketball, work, school concerts, piano recitals, birthdays, and preparations for our daughter graduating in May.

We are thankful for a young woman from church who has been able to motivate Simon and in 7 months has helped him excel and participate in his first recital at Northwest Baptist in Phoenix. He is also using his talent for ministry and plays offertory at church.

We are thankful for safety from God as we drive in a busy city that speeds along very quickly. The kids were on their way to school and were preserved from being in a major accident.

We are glad that our daughters enjoy one another’s company and were able to dress up for Spring Banquet. We pray that God will continue to direct their lives.

We were glad to score free Brewers and D-back tickets from Shanna’s work and caught up with a visiting former member. Simon even made it on the Jumbotron!

Rylee finished up an associate’s degree at Faith and will be working at camp in NH this summer and returning to Arizona State in the fall. Gloria will attend Faith in the fall and Claire is finishing her junior year and hopes to get her license next month. Simon will be finishing 5th grade this year. We are grateful to God for the strength and scheduling and pray for balance to keep up with the ministry and with our kids’ lives. Thank you for praying and for assisting us in this endeavor.

We have had rain this winter and it has brought out the beautiful cacti flowers.

Thank you for your continual prayers and investment in ministry!

Wayne, Shanna, Rylee, Gloria, Claire, & Simon Dale
Ephesians 3:20-21, Jude 24-25
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